Kit Harington Compares Himself to 'Bird of Prey' and 'Dying Dog'

The actor feels like a ‘bird of prey’ and even a ‘dying dog’, especially when he is being photographed by people on the street.

AceShowbiz - Living a life under the spotlight due to his popularity as an actor, Kit Harington has compared himself to "bird of prey" and "dying dog." In an interview with the Observer Magazine, he opened up about how the pressure of "selling" the productions he stars in is much harder than acting in them.

"This is the work. The selling of it. People taking pictures of you in the street as if you were a rare bird of prey," the hunk was quoted as telling the Observer Magazine (via Mirror Online). "I understand when you're in a big show and you look like you do, people want to show their mate on Instagram or whatever. But sometimes it feels like I'm a beautiful sunrise … or a dying dog." In fact, Harington admitted that for him acting itself "never feels like work."

Harington rose to fame for portraying the role of Jon Snow on HBO fantasy TV series "Game of Thrones". The 28-year-old hunk can next be seen starring in action-drama flick "Spooks: The Greater Good", which will be hitting theaters this coming Friday, May 8.

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