Lady Antebellum's Tour Bus Catches Fire on the Way to Dallas

The only female member of the country music group, Hillary Scott, broke the news via Instagram on Thursday, April 16, sharing a photo of the wrecked bus and saying, 'EVERYONE IS SAFE.'

AceShowbiz - %cLady Antebellum%'s lead singer %cHillary Scott% was caught in a horrible accident on Thursday morning, April 16. The tour bus she rode to Dallas for the American Country Music Awards burst into fire after one of the wheels blew out. The bus was in complete wreckage but all the passengers were safe.

In the bus, four people were on board including Hillary, her husband Chris Tyrrell, tour manager and the bus driver. "Everybody on the bus was safe. Nobody was hurt," the tour manager of the country music group told a reporter after the accident happened.

Everyone in the bus was lucky since after learning that the bus caught fire, the driver took a quick action by making emergency call. "As soon as he realized that he had a fire, he didn't hesitate to get everyone off and then call 911," Garland Fire Department Captain Billy Craven was quoted as speaking.

Following the accident, Hillary shared a photo of the wrecked bus on Instagram on Thursday. "Hey guys, we had a crazy morning on the way to Dallas today," so she wrote alongside the picture. "Our bus tire caught on fire and we had to evacuate very quickly. EVERYONE IS SAFE AND SOUND. It was me, my husband, our tour manager, and driver. Thanking God for our safety and the safety of all of those who helped put this fire out and keep us safe. Love you all!!!! ~hillary."

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