Eliza Dushku Robbed by Men in Halloween Costumes

Eliza Dushku

The former 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actress reveals that thieves who wore Halloween costumes stole her favorite Louis Vuitton bag, a gift from Sharon Osbourne.
Eliza Dushku had an unpleasant weekend. The actress opened up on Twitter that she had been robbed by two men outside her hotel in Providence, RI. Her bag was snatched by the thieves when she placed it on the curb while she was unloading her things from her car.

"Was just robbed in front of my hotel a few hrs ago. Cameras caught everything:hotel/police/security weren't able to do anything," she told her followers and expressed her frustration online. "Really upset. It's been a long night. The 2 men are in my hotel currently & 'nothing can be done.' "

"They were, of course, wearing Halloween costumes. One of the guys wore a GOLD HEAD TO TOE 'Ceasar' outfit. Anyone in RI, ring a bell.? Help," she described the suspects. "2 guys, 1 dressed as a GOLDEN GLADIATOR/CEASAR. If anyone saw anything tonite please help me #fans #ricomiccon #RI #providence #GrandLarceny."

She suspected the thieves stayed in the same hotel she was staying and quickly alerted the staff, "Please, @OmniHotels, these 2 men are guests here in the building & on your cameras robbing me. Help me find them & apprehend. They were rumored by bystanders to have gotten off on the 8th or 10th floor. Eyes open in the a.m. PLEASE."

"If you see anyone walk out of hotel w this Duffle bag, it was a gift from @MrsSOsbourne ON her show in '04. It's been around the world w me," she went on. "They're here. In hotel. Why I can't sleep. Possibly just right down the hall.Distressing. I want them found."

Hours later, the culprits were ultimately found and taken into custody. "Men found in hotel, w/my luggage, apprehended & spending wknd in jail until+. U guys helped this happen. I am VERY grateful. C u soon," Dushku updated.

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