Golden Globe TV Nominees React: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Calls It 'a Miracle', Amy Poehler Is Thrilled

Golden Globe TV Nominees React: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Calls It 'a Miracle', Amy Poehler Is Thrilled

'Parenthood' star Monica Potter, meanwhile, is 'in shock' after receiving Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie nomination for the first time.
The nominations for the 71st Annual Golden Globes have been revealed and now the lucky ones share how they feel being nominated for the annual awards event. Receiving two nods for her roles on TV series "Veep" and feature film "Enough Said", Julia Louis-Dreyfus is among those overjoyed with the honor.

"I'm thrilled and so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press. One question: does this mean I need two dresses?" she jokingly asks. To, she describes what's her feeling like, "It's sort of a head-spinning, skin-pinchy, am-I-going-to-wake-up-from-this-in-a-few-miutes kind of a feeling. It really doesn't feel real."

Calling it "a bit of a miracle," she adds, "I'm not taking it for granted. I'm out of my mind with happiness about it. I really am." She claims that she's never imagined she would get nominated for a TV role and a film role at the same time, but she's equally proud of both of them. "I think they're both fantastic," she gushes.

Facing off Louis-Dreyfus in Best Actress in a TV Series - Comedy category is Amy Poehler. The "Parks and Recreation" star who will host the upcoming Golden Globes says she's "so thrilled to be able to celebrate with the good people of Parks & Recreation, the best cast in Comedy, Drama, Broadway, and Short Foreign Documentary Film."

Her TV show also received its first Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical nom this year. Co-creator Michael Schur says, "It's great. It's really wonderful." Telling E! News that he didn't expect the nod, he shares, "There are so many good TV shows on TV right now. It's really ridiculous and so I never think at all that anything I work on is ever going to be nominated for anything...and, for Parks, we're in season six and it's never been nominated, so I thought that ship has sailed. It wasn't on my radar for either show at all. So doubly delightful."

The same feeling may now happen to "Parenthood" star Monica Potter, who received her first nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie. "I'm so excited," she admits. "I'm very thrilled. I think I'm in shock because I get to go to this big awards show and it's completely out of the blue. I just thought we - the show - missed the boat on a few things and it was sort of like for us to get recognition is amazing."

Lena Dunham takes to Twitter to recall the moment she learned the good news that she's named among best actress in TV comedy series nominees. "When the phone rang this morning @campsucks and I thought someone had died/we had killed someone. Yes, we are in the same bedroom. Yay:):):)... So excited/grateful/excited to just stare at Lupita N'Yongo's gorgeous face and plop myself in some weird laps," she writes.

Idris Elba, who is nominated for Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Movie and Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama, is "truly humbled and honored to be acknowledged for two projects that, though very different from one another." He also pays tribute to the late Nelson Mandela whom he portrays in "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom", saying, "I would also like to give a special thank you to Mr. Mandela, who will be forever missed."

Jim Parsons says he "never imagined" being nominated for a Golden Globe. "I know it sounds cliche, forgive me it's early, but this is really such an embarrassment of riches," he says. "In our first episodes of Big Bang, I felt there was something special about the show but I never imagined any of this. I'm truly grateful and especially thrilled the show was nominated."

The TV and movie winners of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards will be announced in a ceremony on Sunday, January 12 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California and air live on NBC. Poehler is once again joined by Tina Fey to host the event.

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