Mama June Losing Eyesight Due to Childhood Untreated Cataracts

June Shannon

Mama June is having blurry vision after cataracts which she suffered when she was young did not get proper treatment, leaving her legally blind and unable to obtain driving license.
Mama June Shannon reveals that she has poor eyesight after her childhood cataracts were not treated properly. Her vision is so bad that she is legally blind and unable to obtain driving license.

A spokesperson for TLC told Daily Mail that "she can't have surgery because they believe it could do more harm than good. The damage is that bad." Mama June's struggle with her vision was clearly visible during an episode of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo", in which the family went to Go-Kart arena.

Mama June refused to join others because of her poor eyesight. However, Sugar Bear and Alana Thompson coaxed her into playing. She went behind the wheel after receiving much encouragement from her family. She even laughed when her car crashed into others and she had to be rescued by three people.

During the season premiere, Mama June held her phone a few inches in front of her eyes because she could not see the words, while in another episode she squinted her eyes so hard to see numbers at bingo. Mama June's imperfect vision also made it difficult to apply make up for Alana's pageants. "My mama better stick to couponing and stay away from the makeup table," Alana once said.

Cataracts may occur in 50 percent of people at the age of 80. Cases in newborn babies, however, only 1 in 5000. While the exact cause cannot be determined yet, experts say that infection during pregnancy contributes to the disease. Babies who suffer from cataracts should undergo surgery in two months. The surgery is highly successful and the patients usually get no complications.

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