Courteney Cox: Make-Out Session Just Makes Me Nervous

Claiming she's not had sex since splitting from David Arquette, the 'Cougar Town' actress tells Sirius XM radio host Howard Stern, 'I have sexual feelings, and there's ways to deal with that.'

AceShowbiz - Courteney Cox has publicly admitted that make-out session makes her nervous. The "Scream 4" actress spoke to Sirius XM radio host Howard Stern on Wednesday, February 8 morning, and used the occasion to explain why she remained abstinent since separating from David Arquette.

Sharing some intimate details of her single life, the 47-year-old stated, "No guy's asked me out. I'm not saying I'm not ready to have a make-out session, it just makes me nervous. I don't like to go out in general." She went on to say, "I have sexual feelings, there's ways to deal with that. It's time for me to get out there. It's not easy to meet people. They don't call me."

Asked about her vow to remain abstinent throughout her separation from David, the "Cougar Town" star insisted, "I'm holding to it. I've not had a man since David." Still, she admitted to have "made out with one guy." Quizzed if the guy might be "that guy from the show", she coyly replied, "Maybe."

While admitting that David has encouraged her to date, Courteney said, "I'm really not ready, I'm still's hard, I was in a marriage for a very long time and just because we ended up growing apart for reasons of...we just led separate lives and we have different compatibility issues, I'm just not there." But, she claimed, if she did move on, David's "comfortable with whoever that would be with."

When pressed with question about reconciliation, the former "Friends" star responded, "Um, this is awkward, because I actually probably feel like his girlfriend's listening, besides the millions of other people."

"There is a huge part of me that...there's a huge part of my life with David, no question," she continued to explain, "but I feel like right now our relationship is probably better than it would be if we lived together, it's definitely better than it used to be. We communicate better, we have much more respect for each other, we listen. It's hard."

Courteney and David announced they were parting ways after 11 years of marriage in October 2010. Since the split, the mother of one has been romantically linked to co-star Josh Hopkins. Her actor husband, in the meantime, has found a new love in Christina McLarty, whom Courteney said to be "really nice" and "had a good sense of humor".

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