Tom Sizemore's Rep Clarifies Brief Arrest Was Caused by Clerical Error

Tom Sizemore

The 'Saving Private Ryan' star was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for failure to comply to community service, but his rep is adamant the actor has completed all of his hours.
Tom Sizemore has found himself being put behind bars yet again. The "Black Hawk Down" actor was arrested in downtown Los Angeles early Tuesday (September 20) morning on an outstanding battery warrant for failure to complete his community service hours, but his representative insisted that it was caused by a clerical error.

Tom's representative explained that the 49-year-old got entangled in an investigation involving his assistant who allegedly stole a car. To Radar Online, his rep detailed, "Tom was at his own house in Los Angeles - not someone else's apartment - the confusion came about because the assistant is living at his house but not paying rent."

"No drugs were found there and he wasn't doing anything wrong," the rep further clarified. "He was just at his house at 1.30 A.M. when the police appeared at his door asking for his assistant because he had been arrested. They searched his room and then ran a check on Tom and on the computer in the car and found an outstanding warrant for failure to comply to community service."

Tom's rep, however, was adamant that the actor had completed all his obligations. "He has completed the community service over a year ago but his lawyer made a mistake and failed to send the letter to the court," so his rep claimed. Offering support to the rep's claim, Radar reported that Hollenbeck Youth Center in Los Angeles has confirmed Tom has completed 80 hours of work for them.

As for the police's version of Tom's arrest, a spokesperson for the LAPD told E! News, "Tom Sizemore was arrested for an outstanding battery warrant. What the judge issued it for, whether it was not finishing community service or something else, we don't know. That's something between you and the courts..."

"All we did was run him into the system, he was active in the system, and we arrested him for the warrant," the rep further added. "Now we did arrest somebody for a car theft. The guy who we arrested was on parole and so we did go back to his residence for a parole search. We had no idea it was Tom Sizemore's residence. Drugs were recovered at the apartment, but they were not attributed to Tom Sizemore."

Tom was arrested at 2:30 A.M. on Tuesday. The actor playing Detective Jack Scagnetti in "Natural Born Killers" was booked at 2:49 A.M. before being released at 7:28 A.M. after posting $26,000 bail. Because of the arrest, he is now scheduled to appear in court on October 14.

Soon after news of his arrest surfaced, Tom took to his Twitter page and wrote, "a lot of bad information has been put out there about me... the truth will eventually surface... I will be exonerated... more info soon." After Radar came out with a statement from his rep, he tweeted, "if you can help me get this 'out there' ... please do.. most media like to sensationalize a story before doing their fact checking..."

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