Britney Spears Rumored Converting to Judaism

The singer herself has not yet confirmed or denied the speculation that she is converting to Judaism.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears sparks rumors of her converting to Judaism after she was spotted sporting a Star of David necklace as she gave her two young sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, a tour of Paris on Tuesday, July 7. The particular accessory is widely known as the symbol of the belief.

Raised as a Baptist, Britney has tried her hand at various faiths. Back in 2003, she turned to Kabbalah, the famous belief of best friend Madonna. Then in 2006, the pop songstress dabbled in Hinduism and even visited a temple. Earlier this year, she was spotted wearing Christian jewels again. Despite the mounting rumors regarding Britney's new faith, neither she herself nor her camp has issued an official statement regarding the matter.

Personal life aside, Britney Spears is scheduled to bring her Circus concert to Canada and North America starting from August 20 through September 27 later this year. She will have Ciara and Kristinia DeBarge among the supporting acts.

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