First Trailer of Russell Crowe-Starrer 'State of Play' Debuted

Russell Crowe plays Cal McCaffrey, a D.C. reporter who is determined to investigate the mystery behind the murder of a congressman's mistress in crime thriller 'State of Play'.

AceShowbiz - Universal Pictures have debuted the trailer of "State of Play" via Yahoo Movies. Said to have been screened in front of "Frost/Nixon", the promotional video starts with a shooting to death of a woman. Then, it continues to introduce the pivotal characters in the movie, investigative journalist Cal McCaffrey and rising congressman Stephen Collins.

A determined D.C. reporter, McCaffrey, comes across a murder case which entangles his old friend, U.S. Congressman Stephen Collins, who happens to have an affair with the woman murdered. As he and his partner, Della, fall deeper into the investigation to uncover the killer's identity, he steps into a cover-up that threatens to shake the nation's power structures.

Starring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren and Robin Wright Penn, this political thriller is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed British television serial of the same name. It is directed by "The Last King of Scotland" helmer Kevin Macdonald.

"State of Play" Trailer:

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