Def Jam Reportedly Dropped Christina Milian for Rihanna

Def Jam Reportedly Dropped Christina Milian for Rihanna

Due to 'budget cut' matters, Def Jam Records reportedly got rid of Christina Milian two years ago because they would rather spend their cash on Rihanna.
In opening up the reason Def Jam Records dropped her in 2006, Christina Milian learns it may happen because the label preferred to spend their money on another artist Rihanna. "It was a budget cut, I believe. [Def Jam] probably got rid of projects like mine to spend the money on [Rihanna]," she said during an interview with Rap-Up magazine for its winter issue.

Beside stating why she was forced to get out of Def Jam, Christina also reveals the moment as pretty painful for her at that time. Noting that "it was embarrassing", she said, "It was a week after my album ['So Amazin''] got put out. I would be in my room a lot of the time crying by myself."

In further statement, Christina explains it was Janet Jackson who brought back her spirit. She noted, "I bumped into Janet Jackson at a club. We talked for an hour and I was telling her I don't know if I'm gonna do this, and she was like, 'Girl, do not let them stop you. I'm a fan and you make good music'. She's a person I actually looked up to growing up, so her telling me that really was the day I was like, 'I'm not gonna let these people hold me down. It's time'."

During the interview with the publication, Christina also manages to comment on ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon's marriage to Mariah Carey. "Surprised like everyone else", she "was happy for him." She then added, "I always feel Nick works hard to get what he wants, whether that be women - that's how he got me."

Christina Milian has been working on her fourth studio album. Tentatively titled "Dream in Color", it reportedly will be released sometime in 2009. Described as "very feminine, strong and independent" with "pop-urban-international" genre, the forthcoming LP is led by self-penned single "Us Against the World".

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