Big Boi's Solo Album Almost Finished

Big Boi, OutKast

The Outkast member revealed more details about his upcoming solo album to the press, confirming that it is almost done.
With his hip-hop group Outkast still taking a break from the music industry, Big Boi pours all of his concentration and focus to finish his upcoming and first solo album "Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty". Speaking with MTV in a recent interview, Boi revealed that the new set is almost finished and also confirmed some of the tracks that will be on it.

Beside stating that his new record is almost finished, the hip-hop artist also said that he actually doesn't have any concept for the new LP. "There's no format, really, to follow once you start recording. To me, my album is like building a house. I work on all the songs at the same time. I might jump from song to song all throughout the time I'm makin' the album. I've always been like that. It just works out. Right now, we're just putting the sod in the front of the house. We almost done," Big Boi said.

On the interview, Big Boi also stated that on the new record he is working with some renown musicians, such as Mary J. Blige, Raekwon and his group member Andre Benjamin a.k.a Andre 3000. Confirming that he will be assisted by Andre on his solo effort, Big Boi said, "[Andre] has a couple beats for me, but right now he's in Japan working on his clothing line. So when he gets back, if time permits, we'll get on that."

Meanwhile, revealing about the songs that will be on his LP, the singer said, "'The World Is Too Big,' 'Royal Flush' with Dre and Raekwon, I got a song [with] Khujo Goodie called 'Tambourine Village.' Crazy! And just a couple little tricks I'mma pull out of the bag in a minute. I just don't know where I'm gonna put certain people right now, but it's definitely action-packed. I have about 14 to 15 cuts, and I've got two more songs to finish."

Beside revealing about his new album, to MTV Big Boi also confirmed that recent rumors on the media stating that Outkast are breaking up is a false one, saying, "They created some hype like, 'Outkast is breaking up.' Which is not the case. Now nobody's saying that. We done 'Royal Flush,' 'Da Art of Storytellin', Pt. 4.' [If] you kinda mastered your craft and got what you wanted, you can branch off and do different things. This is like breathing to us; [it's] what we do. So all the hype and 'Outkast is breaking up' - all that is silenced right now."

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