OK! List of Most Influential People in 2007

OK! magazine has separated influential celebrities into 6 categories with names ranging from Rosie O' Donnell to Anna Nicole Smith's baby.

AceShowbiz - OK! Magazine has listed celebrities with big influence in the entertainment world this year. Katie Holmes, Justin Timberlake and even Anna Nicole Smith's baby Dannielynn are among the showbiz icons changing the face of Hollywood.

Within 6 categories, Holmes is placed under “Beauty Queens” alongside Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez. Holmes who is married to Tom Cruise showed a surprising appearance after she cropped her famous girl-next-door hair to a short bob last month. Knowles and Lopez by no chance are the two celebrities that often experiment with their appearance but still look good.

“Stylesetters” titles are given to Timberlake, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Moss. Timberlake has been taking off his boy band suit to choose slicker tuxedo in his concerts while Parker who played in Sex and the City has been employing “simpleness” through her clothing range 'Bitten'. Meanwhile, Moss is praised for her design in TopShop despite the claim of promoting size-zero-trend.

In the list of “Newsmakers”, Rosie O'Donnell top the list after creating one controversy after another through her show 'The View'. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with no doubt were the biggest attraction in the past years who couldn't fail to make the headlines though their adopted and biological children. An anti-gay slur circling T.R. Knight and Isiah Washington's case make the former a big source of news earlier this year.

Acid-tongue Simon Cowell and his bold comments have brought a great entertainment to 'American Idol' audience. He is therefore, included under the category of “Entertainers” along with Idol winner Carrie Underwood and “Project Runaway” host Heidi Klum.

10-month-old baby Danniellynn Hope made it big after she was handed to one parent after another since mom Anna Nicole died in February 2007. She is aptly named a “Survivor”.

'Retiring' model Tyra Banks is included as “Bodyshapers” for her plump figure in beachwear. She was photographed looking fatter than usual on a beach but claimed that she loved her new image since she won't need to starve herself.

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