System of a Down

  • System of a Down
    • Famous as : Alternative metal band
    • Birth Name : Soil
    • Birth Date : 1995
    • Birth Place : Glendale, California, USA
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : Album "System of a Down" (1998)

System of a Down Biography

Noticed for their discrete styles of dress and goatees, System of a Down presumably stands out in being one of the most unique bands in American music industry. What is more, all four members, who are of Armenian descent, also exploit a wide range of musical appliance which enriches the tunes they have created. Using baritone electric guitars, electric mandolins, sitars, 12-string classical guitars and many other East Asian instruments, they consistently produce unusual compositions about political corruption and injustices that occur in the society.

It was in 1993 when Serj Tankian (born on August 21, 1967 in Beirut, Lebanon) made an acquaintance of another band's member named Daron Malakian (born on July 18, 1975 in L.A., California) during the recording sessions with his former band in a studio. Sharing similar ideas on music, these two talented young men quickly joined forces, thus formed their own band which they called Soil. As both of them befriended a student of private Armenian school in Hollywood named Shavarsh 'Shavo' Odadjian (born on April 22, 1974 in Armenia), they asked him to be the band's manager. After a brief period, however, his status was shifted from that position to the third member of the group.

System of a Down Biography

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