Shia LaBeouf Trivia
  1. Included in People magazine's 10th annual list of Sexy & Single Men of 2009 at No. 3.

  2. Included in Details Magazine's list of the "50 Most Influential Men Under 45" in November 2007.

  3. He and his parents would dress up as clowns and sell hot dogs in the park across their apartment, when he was a child.

  4. Is involved with Joe Torry's Give Back to the Children's Fund.

  5. He listens to System of a Down, 50 Cents, Eminem, D12, Led Zeppelin, Jack Johnson and Ben Folds.

  6. Considers Jon Voight, his co-star in "Holes" (2003), as his second father and mentor.

  7. Lived in an apartment on Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, when he grew up.

  8. Stalled the chance to attend Yale School of Drama because he got a part in Stephen Spielberg's "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull" (2008).

  9. Considers his 2005 movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played" as his transition movie to adult actor.

  10. Is two days older than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

  11. Some of his favorite movies are "Dumb and Dumber" (1994), "Saving Silverman" (2001) and "American Beauty" (1999).

  12. Has two dogs, Brando and Rex.

  13. Has a tattoo on right wrist, '1986-2004', the latter year marked the year he decided to be an adult.

  14. He has only two free days in between finishing the shooting of "Disturbia" (2007) and beginning to shoot "Transformers" (2007).

  15. He celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah.

  16. Shares birthday with Ryan Dunn, the star of "Jackass" (2000).

  17. Wears contact lenses.

  18. Wears size 11 shoes.

  19. Loves making short independent films with friends.

  20. His name means "Praise God for Beef".

  21. Shared first name with his paternal grandfather, who is also a comedian.