Jerry O'Connell
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Jerry O'Connell

Famous As
Birth Name
Jeremiah O'Connell
Birth Date
Feb 17, 1974
Birth Place
New York City, New York, USA
Jerry O'Connell Trivia
  1. Preferred using live cockroaches to the rubber ones when undergoing a scene in "Joe's Apartment" (1996) in which the animals romp inside his mouth.

  2. Got nominated in the category of Best Young Actor in a Family Syndicated Show in 1989 and of Best Young Actor in an Off-Primetime Family Series in 1990 at Young Artist Awards, both for his role in "My Secret Identity" (1988-1991).

  3. Shared the Jackie Coogan Award with Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, and Corey Feldman at the 1987 Young Artist Awards.

  4. Has performed in an episode of TV series "Sliders" and "Crossing Jordan" which both entitled "O, Brother, Where art Thou."

  5. Actually also tried for a part in TV series "Party of Five" besides "Sliders" and even secured the Bailey role in the show, but later decided to join the latter one after the studio begged him to replace their first choice who had quitted the project.

  6. Turned down an opportunity to join U.S Olympic fencing team to pursue an acting career. His highest rank in this branch of sports was 17th in the country.

  7. Likes doing water sports, playing basketball, running, and of course, fencing.

  8. Was a Resident Assistant also the saber captain of the varsity fencing team during his years at New York University.

  9. Took acting classes at HB Studio in New York and also studied acting with Maria Greco.

  10. His classmates at the Professional Children's School include Macaulay Culkin, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rebecca Gayheart, Ben Taylor, and Tara Reid.

  11. Was bitten by a dog at age 11 and had endure 74 stitches which leaves him a scar on his upper lip.

  12. Encountered his off-Broadway debut in "Water Music."

  13. Is still reluctant to talk about "Stand by Me" (1996) due to his figure of being overweight at that time.

  14. Owns a 1977 International Scout he bought from his "Sliders" co-star John Rhys-Davies.

  15. Loves eating Chicken Parmesan sandwiches.

  16. His favorite TV series are "The X Files" and "Law and Order."

  17. Appeared in commercials for Duncan Hines and Perry Ellis.

  18. Was featured in the music video of Bree Sharp's "David Duchovny" and Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker."

  19. Possesses an affinity for Cadillacs which can clearly be seen in a segment of "MTV Cribs."

  20. Is an accomplished screenwriter who has written several episodes of "Sliders" and the screenplay for New Regency's "First Daughter" (2004) in which he also served as an executive producer.