Finger Eleven Biography

Spreading the fact that they worked on their single 'Paralyzer' for two straight weeks, which was the longest time they spent to scrutinize over one song, the hard work was paid off with the single's extraordinary performance after its release. In its 26th week, the rock song climbed to the tenth position of Billboard Hot 100 chart before taking another leap the next week to comfortably sit at #8. That week, the single became the oldest song in the top 10 position as well as the only one that comes from a rock band. Although the album 'Them vs. You vs. Me' only peaked at #31 in the Billboard Albums chart, it has spawned two other strong singles that continued to perform well in their native country's chart. 'Falling On', the follow up to 'Paralyzer' came at #36 on Canadian Hot 100 chart while the third single 'I'll Keep Your Memory Vague' did even better by peaking at #20.

It all began in Burlington, Ontario, Canada where each member of the band grew up towards musical direction. Vocalist Scott Anderson has started writing music since he was 16 and upon meeting other people who shared the same interest with him in High School, he decided that they should form a band. The group, consisting of Anderson on vocal, James Black and Rick Jackett on guitars, Sean Anderson on bass and Rob Gommerman on drum, went by the name Rainbow Butt Monkeys. As an addition to their experience, they entered a band contest that was conducted by a local radio station. Surprisingly, they won the competition and used the prize money to record their very first album, 'Letters to Chutney'. In 1996, the band moved on to more serious level by signing with Coalition Entertainment to represent them. As a result, they struck a deal with Mercury Records in Canada to release an album.

Album 'Tip' was put in shelves in 1997 but to no commercial success. The label eventually dropped them six weeks after the album's release date and the band moved on with some changes. Drummer Gommerman left the band only to be replaced later in early 1998 by Rich Beddoe who met Black by chance at an Alice in Chains concert in Toronto. The band also changed their name to Finger Eleven, which according to frontman Scott Anderson refers to "when everything is pushing you in one direction and your instinct drives you in another." With the new name came a new opportunity. They caught the attention of Wind-Up Recordings that re-released 'Tip' in September 1998. Local market was locked but they hadn't been able to launch their missile to U.S. It took the third album 'Greyest of Blue Skies' to smoothen their way Stateside. It was released in 2000 and quickly went Gold in Canada. The next year, they were nominated at Juno Awards, Canada's equivalent to Grammy, for Best Rock Album and Best Video for 'Drag You Down'.

The fourth album decidedly was self-titled and released in 2003. It was during this time that Canada's broadcast channel Much Music started paying attention to them and gave the necessary boost. Much Music Video Awards put both the band and their works as regulars in the winner and nominee slots. They began headlining tours in Australia, Europe, and North America throughout 2003 to 2005. Although the band thought that 'Stay in Shadow' would be the standout track in the album, it was eventually 'One Thing' that pushed them to the mainstream. In U.S., the single peaked at #16 on Billboard Hot 100, making it easier for the band to introduce their next album, 'Them vs. You vs. Me'. The fifth album was released in March 2007, to their first commercial success in U.S.