• A-Teens
    • Famous as : Pop group
    • Birth Name : ABBA Teens
    • Birth Date : 1998
    • Birth Place : Stockholm, Sweden
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : Album "The ABBA Generation" (1999)

A-Teens Biography

A-Teens is a Swedish pop group formed in 1998. The group consists of half-Indian and half-Swedish Amit Sebastian Paul (born October 29, 1983), Marie Eleonor Serneholt (born July 11, 1983), John Dhani Lennevald (born July 24, 1984), and the youngest personnel Sara Helena Lumholdt (born October 25, 1984). The A-Teens' personnel were all joined to a youth dance company in Stockholm.

The group first formed as ABBA Teens, but was later renamed and shorten into A-Teens after a member of the 1970's Swedish pop music group ABBA threatened to sue the group if they did not change the name. This would later benefit the youngster group as well for their music was since not limited to only tributes to ABBA. Still, A-Teens' first album "The ABBA Generation" was released in 1999 and consisted of ABBA covers, including the famous "Dancing Queen" single. The song apart from its predecessor, "Mamma Mia", catapult them to success by topping charts in both home country Sweden and U.S.

A-Teens Biography

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