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Michael Jackson - One More Chance

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OMJ! Listen. This is Michael. You can tell because at certain points you get a glimpse of his face, and you see his chin (and you can't mistake his chin :p) like at 1:22 and 1:37. And like the way me grabs the chair at 1:05 ;) At first I wasn't sure but just look and see it's Michael! Maybe you can't see his face because he chose it to be filmed that way, to leave us guessing... like he always did :)

posted by MJ lovaaa:] on Dec 09, 2010

It's really MJ. Nobody can move like him. It's so naturally moved to meet the beats. Watch some fast flashes, there were his face. Just because they haven't finish filming. Dame the greedy families, who action took away our Michael.

posted by Siu siu on Dec 06, 2010

it's not MJ ! Why don't we can see really his face ? Never !

posted by Frenchboy on Nov 27, 2010

dont like the quality of the vid at all the point is wierd but love the song though i just tought if michael was gonna atleast try to put out a vid u would be able to se his face??

posted by Leo on Nov 18, 2010

I loved it! I think it's a good idea to put out MJs work for the fans.

posted by Queen on Nov 17, 2010

i love ''one more chance''!!!!!!!

posted by Jane on Nov 16, 2010

me toooo!!!!!!!!

posted by DOO HA on Nov 16, 2010


posted by HUH! on Nov 16, 2010

well i like the music video, but it's too blurry, i know on the new 3 d v d box set will have good quality though. I am also exited about the new game and album titled ''MICHAEL''. shame people lied and said the album would of been called ''The Future''.

posted by Michell on Nov 16, 2010