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Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug

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posted by RADAR on Dec 06, 2010

This is my jam i realy like this song it is jawall what they are saying yal need to quit that stuff

posted by Rayray on Jun 17, 2010

WTF THIS IS SO RETARDED. with the cartoon crap. ew wtf wtf bleh

posted by norma on Jun 06, 2010

@hareyz i wouldnt be talking. lets c how well u sing huh? she has an AMAZING voice and if u cnt c that, ur blind. her songs r awesome too so i dnt know what ur damage is. && even if she couldnt sing, im pretty sure she would way better than u anyways...it dsnt matter if ive never heard u sing...i already knw u cnt!

posted by ke$ha_iz_my_idol on Jun 06, 2010

shes so fat. have you seen her in a bikini? talk about fat and gross. she's talentless and horrible.

posted by gigli on Jun 03, 2010

i love this video i also love kesha so much she is a great singer and also good at dancing

posted by admin on Jun 02, 2010

The cartoon's were crap, but it was pretty good. But the whole damn music video was so frickin random.

posted by uijk on May 26, 2010

waT u GOt 4 IS haRD 2 fiNd

posted by R2R 101 rOcKstaR on May 16, 2010


posted by R2R 101 rOcKstaR on May 16, 2010

the end looks so awkward

posted by someone on May 15, 2010

haha kinda wierd where's this filmed? she always looks like she's stoned and has hangover lol

posted by ilovejonasbrothers on May 15, 2010

I love this song/video it is amazing just like her =]x <3

posted by Ke$ha rock\'s on May 14, 2010

This is probably the only video right now where she looks like an actual human being and not a party animal. SHE IS SOO DAMN PRETTY HERE... :P In my opinion... the lovedrug she's talking about is probably just Acid... just saying... :)

posted by Zora on May 14, 2010

i fucking love you guys! every other video link i clicked on says something about vevo and copyright and couldnt watch it! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

posted by clowdineee on May 14, 2010

i luv it!!!!!!!!!!this rox!!!!!!!!!!she's better thn a slut lik gaga!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by ke$ha 4eva on May 14, 2010

crap like her

posted by gandu on May 14, 2010

i love your song ttyl

posted by Gabrielle on May 13, 2010

This video is amazing.

posted by Bieber Lover on May 13, 2010