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Ke$ha - Blah Blah Blah (Feat. 3OH!3)

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i just learnt something: kesha sucks at bowling!!!

posted by fghfdhsdf on Apr 30, 2010

shes so pretty1 love this song tooo

posted by fgfdgfd on Apr 30, 2010

Hey could anyone help me who is the guy at 1:50 i want his hair

posted by tom on Apr 17, 2010

such an annoying song..

posted by fgfg on Mar 12, 2010

i love this song! i love u Zach T!!!

posted by Ilovezach on Mar 11, 2010

love this song shame i dont have it in my PC

posted by zozxymoxy on Mar 06, 2010

She's very pretty here! :O

posted by huni on Mar 05, 2010

this is so true something

posted by putloveinmyboxy on Mar 03, 2010

i lov this song but she is really fuckin bad live singing i lov you soph

posted by kesha blah blah blah on Feb 27, 2010

at 2:53 its her prettyest face

posted by jencool101 on Feb 27, 2010

lol ( = i love this song it is cool.

posted by sweetgirl123 on Feb 27, 2010

i love that video lol =]

posted by babycat1757 on Feb 26, 2010

Shes Gorgeous

posted by Oxxxx on Feb 26, 2010

I love this!!! <3

posted by blaaahhh on Feb 25, 2010

wow!!! fascinating!!! sure this will hit no #1!!!! :)

posted by Afzal94 on Feb 24, 2010


posted by tyler on Feb 24, 2010