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Ke$ha - Tik Tok

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ilike this song and o go girl looking hot in this vidoe#

posted by waleed sh on Apr 07, 2011

gr8 song ..

posted by artlover on Jan 01, 2011

LukInng sXy.>>>...>>//////////

posted by mR.RocKer.in on Nov 24, 2010

Very gd

posted by Tana on Nov 17, 2010

u go girl looking hot in this video!:)

posted by jada$$$$$$$$$ on Oct 31, 2010

wow,you were on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by camelia on Sep 16, 2010


posted by blue on Aug 15, 2010

booo you stink kids dressing like you starting to drink and shit stop the madnesss man!

posted by TURE JUSTIN BIEBERFA on Jun 20, 2010

sie ist cool

posted by nesa on Jun 13, 2010


posted by MISS CHIP LUCK on May 04, 2010


posted by pedro on Apr 23, 2010

Very impressive

posted by soso on Apr 20, 2010

she is a bad role model for kids

posted by Nadia on Apr 20, 2010

u such a good singer but hope u not like that in real life

posted by marcus on Apr 16, 2010

tiis is jkfri

posted by sya on Apr 12, 2010


posted by tik tok on Apr 09, 2010


posted by Sean on Apr 04, 2010

I just hope she isnt like that in real life, like she was in the music video. That wouldnt be a goof thing. No girl should be like that! - but great song though =P

posted by Sean on Apr 04, 2010

Kesha is becoming ma america favorite female singer. I'm in love

posted by Jtune on Apr 04, 2010

i love your songs you and justin bieber are my two fave of m's mag if you see this can you right back plz plz i love the song blah blah blah thats my fave!!!!!

posted by love baby on Apr 03, 2010

i love u excellent song i am abig fan

posted by miley on Apr 01, 2010

hey i love ur song tik tock .is so cool.i always dance when i hear dat song

posted by april on Apr 01, 2010

its dam nice.. i luv it..

posted by sunny.s on Mar 30, 2010


posted by CJ on Mar 26, 2010

kesha i love dis song but i think it geting a bit old now on trace

posted by Guilty face on Mar 26, 2010

bla bla bla is an awesome song love it

posted by torialexis2933 on Mar 21, 2010

бляха, такое ощущение, что у америкосов имеются песни получше.может вы думаете, что ваш дерьмовый черный рэп на высоте. обломайтесь.рок я не трогаю вообще.хотите песен поумнее? песен, которые достойны "белого человека"? Почитайте лучше Достоевского

posted by nazi on Mar 21, 2010

whoever is putting mean things on there are just trying to be mean cause there jelouse

posted by kl on Mar 20, 2010

your oh so very pretty and love the song and here is a rose @~~!~~}

posted by amberly on Mar 20, 2010

pretty your so pretty

posted by carly from iCarly on Mar 20, 2010

thats so tick tock lol get it girl

posted by Michaela on Mar 19, 2010

ahmmm.it,s alyssa tadas of the peninsula school ,eating big dicks like ronnel tanagon and wayne habig......

posted by bigdick on Mar 17, 2010

hey do you think justin is hot i do love hi right

posted by maddy on Mar 15, 2010


posted by mdy on Mar 15, 2010

blah blah blah to all those haters[check out that song negatives]

posted by hn on Mar 13, 2010

not much of a good song

posted by w on Mar 13, 2010


posted by NIKO on Mar 11, 2010

u such a wild animal n i love that n ur songs

posted by jackie:) on Mar 08, 2010


posted by coolykid on Mar 06, 2010

i love this song but it was weird because she slept in the bath tub with 1 boot on and she was flirting with an ugly looking guy and she looked drunk in half of the video wow kinda gay but i still love the song

posted by leah on Mar 06, 2010

yo its Tina i'm 13 and i love listening to your song tik tok i love the beat and it makes be wanna party up instead of sitting on the couch really i just wanna get up and party man i love you you rock my brother thinks your hot by the way lol u rock! xoxo

posted by ke$hagirl on Mar 06, 2010

OMG!!!!!!!this song is the BEST!!!!!

posted by miley on Mar 06, 2010

it is really good i hope that if i was u it will be great,anyway i m ur really big fan,i always lishening ur song

posted by miley on Mar 06, 2010

hey i really love ur tik tok songs it's really cool and i love ur style....

posted by kesha on Mar 06, 2010

love it

posted by Selin on Mar 05, 2010

the best song i even know the lyrics!

posted by lalab12233456298yfjn on Mar 04, 2010

wow kesha ur gr8

posted by franco on Feb 28, 2010

I keep on listening it I <3 it!!!

posted by Valerie on Feb 27, 2010


posted by ALEX on Feb 25, 2010

i still love this song lawl!

posted by kittycat on Feb 23, 2010

go know lol souilja boy

posted by souilja boy on Feb 23, 2010

I love it

posted by mia on Feb 21, 2010

Well I'm Kinna Gettinq Tired Of This Sonq; But I Still Love It!

posted by PhycoPathRawwrrr! on Feb 17, 2010

yo she like the crazyiest new artist

posted by danny on Feb 17, 2010


posted by TOMYGUNN\'S GIRL on Feb 15, 2010

hi what is your pfhone number

posted by deanna on Feb 15, 2010

i love you

posted by kandi on Feb 15, 2010

i luv this song

posted by lily on Feb 11, 2010

Your voice is very good !

posted by iterayouth on Feb 08, 2010

vulgar,dumb lyrics

posted by meagen on Feb 06, 2010

I love you keshaaa!!!!! especially tiktok and take it off!!!!!! love you forever and 3v3r!!!!!!!

posted by Aby P on Feb 06, 2010

Her song are very cool

posted by Ke$ha Fan on Feb 04, 2010


posted by animal on Feb 04, 2010

people say she must have sucked a couple of dicks for this song but i dont belive that

posted by Ke$ha on Feb 02, 2010

Totally sucked.

posted by Marcus on Jan 30, 2010

How do you like my video?

posted by Ke$ha on Jan 25, 2010

its very beautiful

posted by bad romance on Jan 25, 2010

im kesha everybody

posted by kesha on Jan 22, 2010

the best song ever

posted by Ke$hafan on Jan 22, 2010

still think blame it on the pop is better

posted by justint on Jan 22, 2010


posted by b-sweezy on Jan 19, 2010

haha u have nothin

posted by lesley on Jan 19, 2010

b-sweezy wtf do u mean by good

posted by lesley on Jan 19, 2010

this is some gay ass pice of shitt

posted by lesley on Jan 19, 2010


posted by ananda on Jan 19, 2010

very good

posted by pollol on Jan 15, 2010

Like the song but the video is a bit of a give away that she is not she own person and created by others - hope she can escape

posted by cunty on Jan 13, 2010

piece of crap!!!!!!

posted by sandi3 on Jan 13, 2010

this cd sttinks

posted by mia22 on Jan 13, 2010

awesome dude your awesome

posted by jbieberfan731 on Jan 11, 2010

your so awesome i have you on my ipod awesome

posted by torialexis2933 on Jan 11, 2010


posted by STAR on Jan 02, 2010

ii luvv yoo video qrh nn diss snq lol=}

posted by {Mz.Laddii} on Dec 30, 2009

haha love ur video all bad hahah kick it orwati cant wait 4 da next

posted by $igummmm bitch on Dec 16, 2009

BOYzz tryinn to touch mah junk junk hehehe like da song

posted by marcela on Dec 16, 2009

i love it

posted by gay on Dec 11, 2009

its okay very catchey x

posted by boyyyyy?? on Dec 11, 2009

i am a lemon for you

posted by blackie on Nov 25, 2009

i love your song

posted by blackie on Nov 25, 2009


posted by GaGa-Katy fan on Nov 23, 2009