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Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight

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I can't believe Xtina gave me a boner.

posted by Dodo on May 23, 2010

amazing video showing excellent moves.......i love this girl! keep it up!

posted by Sitesh on May 11, 2010

vaguely tragic song but beautiful video. If she can look that stunning after having a baby then she should totally flaunt it. As for the whole Gaga wanna be thing - Christina was shaking her thing when Gaga was still a school girl.

posted by brainyest on May 09, 2010

brill song & video she aint copying gaga at all y wud she lady gaga is a fucking waste of space i got more talent in my lil finger than that woman ever has or will have, gagas the christina wannabe

posted by gaga hater! on May 07, 2010

She is a GAGA wanta be!!!!!!

posted by gaga fan on May 07, 2010

naggyon király

posted by klalala on May 06, 2010

people are saying she is married and has a child and that her son will be embarrassed.. but there is still music video's like dirty? it is just the way she is!!

posted by not myself on May 05, 2010

How come no one is saying that GAGA's telephone video isn't softcore porn? That video is just as sex orientated. Get a life!

posted by M24 on May 04, 2010

I love it! Actually you need to all go and watch Madonna's Express Yourself video! There are 3 references there so far! Also reminds me of Madonna's Human Nature Video! Love thsi video! Well done C X

posted by Michael S on May 04, 2010

I love this... And how is she copying? Christina has always been like this! ;)

posted by Zi on May 04, 2010

The only thing I have to say is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! And stop telling things like: She looks like Lady GAGA!!! Christina has her OWN personality!! She doesnt have to look like Lady GAGA because she is a LADY HERSELF!!!!!

posted by Mike18 on May 04, 2010

she very hot

posted by not myself tonight on May 03, 2010

ya ya xtina is a mess and always been she like to copy anyone she can

posted by lol on May 03, 2010

Trying way too hard to be relevant. What happened to putting out good songs to get attention? This is just softcore porn to me.

posted by Paul on May 03, 2010

UMMM, THIS comment is made to everyone who is CLAIMING that she is copying GAGA. NEWS FLASH!!She is NOT infact coyping lady gaga...if you REALLY want to start playing the mimic game. Then please stop acting as if GAGA herself is ORIGINAL in the FIRST PLACE! GAGA COPIED MADONNA AND ELTON JOHN!!MORE SO MADONNA, AND STOLE THE GLITTER FROM JOHN! GET IT RIGHT YOU MASS GATHERING OF POP CULTURE TWITS!!

posted by Jessica on May 03, 2010

I like how she looks starting from 1:26..(Especially on 1:39-1:40) Beautiful eyelashes, eyes ... Video isn't TOO great :( .. But i enjoy watching it ! Maybe this video isn't so bad as other thought...

posted by Eva on May 03, 2010

I kinda miss the old Christina. The Candyman/Ain't no other man-one ); she seemed so much more grown-up. This kinda feels lika a step back for her. maybe some people like this, but I can't say I'm one of them

posted by Camilla on May 03, 2010

i kindde feel embarrassed for her.. i mean wth is she thinking.. first taking pinks ideas and now lady gagas... i miss the old Christina!!plus it looks like shes insulting lady gaga in the process!! P.S. sorry if ive offended any1.

posted by ihatechange.. on May 03, 2010

I love Christina, But I have to agree with everyone else who thought that this video was bad and a little too raunchy. I really have no clue what she was thinking when she or whoever came up with the concept for this video. I mean for peace sake your a married woman with a child, the married fact may not mean anything, but you have a child at home, that will mature and eventually see this video and they will probably both disappointed and embarrassed. I'M SORRY, BUT THIS IS PROBABLY THE WORST CHRISTINA VIDEO EVER MADE. :(

posted by Bp906 on May 02, 2010

omg the video is a mix of all gaga's video,,,anyone agrees???? the whole dancing wit her hand between her legs n that paparazzi look, dancin wit shirtless guy n burning stuff....the video is so not original!!!!!!! sorry but i luv xtina but the video, look n the music is all very similar n copid by gaga!

posted by lg1234 on May 02, 2010

That is so not Christina! What the hell was she thinking? She has a husband and a kid now.. she's not 20 years old anumore!

posted by WTFX on May 02, 2010

Wow, and I thought Britney's Gimme More video was bad. Seriously, Christina this is serioisly vile to watch. It's so inappropriate and she shows no creative control in the video. I mean I saw references from Britney's 3 video and Gaga's Bad Romance video. Its disgusting but the song is great. >:/

posted by IfUSeeBritney on May 02, 2010

omg why she is tryin to be like gaga she is a talented girl but this is like a copy of bad romance sorry gaga haters but lady gaga is the girl that change all!!everyone want to be like her...christina,rihana and this list will grow more

posted by puertorican monster on May 01, 2010


posted by BionicBitch on May 01, 2010

she's never been herself she copied britney when she was young and now she copying gaga when shes older now she'll say that shes lesbian and bla bla crazy aguilera

posted by who cares on May 01, 2010

point number one cristina aguilera has never been her self since she started why would she doent copy gagaxD now she will say shes lebian and that she have something weird between her legs lmao

posted by who cares on May 01, 2010

It's like a mix of lady gaga, madonna and Beyonce scenes bundled together to make a video. Unoriginal as hell. Didn't she already do the whole 'i'm edgy and dirty' look back in like 2002. *yawns* Was expecting ALOT better. V dissapointed.

posted by missJ on May 01, 2010

i love xtina. but i have to say she's dressed like gaga i like the song and its a type of video she would of done in her dirty days

posted by just me on May 01, 2010

jajaja quiere ser gaga!!! pobre diabla... la verdad tiene cuerpazo y canta cabron, pero xq intenta algo que es inalcanzable!!! NADIE PUEDE SER GAGA!

posted by pgf on May 01, 2010

naah its not gaga , if u dont notes the 60's moda came few years ago, angelina and christina was the first, in 60@ the fetish were popular, untill those day's u see fetish models with 60's style hair, so u can say she took more Dita style then Gaga... so this fatish thing's were expected....

posted by lala on May 01, 2010

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER??? This is kind of GaGa-ish -.-' Don't you think? Geez... I don't know what to think... She is talented artist and hot, but why competing with GaGa... I like the song though, it's catchy ;)

posted by Miss Brightside on Apr 30, 2010

She is a star ,I really love this viedo ,Gaga u can go home .This video proves who is a real artist gaga or AGUILERA ...

posted by bessssst on Apr 30, 2010


posted by justin on Apr 30, 2010

Lady Gaga wannabe..

posted by EmX on Apr 30, 2010

Lol. sorry haters, she is definitely not herself. Gaga, who is she? she is not original. Xtina been here here even Gaga came out. She been a decade here.

posted by Miss Tisdale on Apr 30, 2010

love it :D

posted by Ziggy on Apr 30, 2010

jejejejeje es lo mejor me encanta... y bsta con las malditad comparaciones con gaga... naaa k ver una con la otra... the qeen has come... todas las demas... GO HOME!!!!!!!!

posted by rene on Apr 30, 2010

Love the video!

posted by Aidamn on Apr 30, 2010

I don't see GAGA Christina has always been raunchy and she's been off the scene for awhile she needs to get back into the competition, however, seems like a strange film clip for a married woman with a kid.

posted by Kit on Apr 30, 2010

wow! i cant say someting!!!! a mayzing

posted by manch on Apr 30, 2010


posted by poopie on Apr 30, 2010

she wanna dance like Britney she wanna sing like Mariah & she wanna wear like Gaga

posted by gwen stephanie on Apr 30, 2010

this video is kind of trashy, really. i still like the bubblegum-pop Xtina best. love you GaGa, love you Madonna. she'll never compare to you 2...it's an entire different level ;)

posted by BeccaBoo on Apr 30, 2010

I think Xtina is now going through her Madonna - Erotica phase. Lady Gaga never crossed my mind.

posted by jayess on Apr 30, 2010

love the song

posted by ur mom on Apr 30, 2010

loved it crazy but good i think she would be like this whether gaga existed or not and her video has more quality and class gagas ok though but not better

posted by ur mom on Apr 30, 2010

I dont think its gagaish. Xtina is also extravagant. Remember the last videos...

posted by Aidamn on Apr 30, 2010

what A b*tch! So u guys say it's art when u copy a talented artist like GaGa? This video sucks just like the new Xtina. I'm not a hater. I love her voice and the song is great. but this video is just shit!!

posted by Lucas on Apr 30, 2010

R.I.P old Christina Aguilera

posted by oldfan on Apr 30, 2010

its um... wow... but very good. christina is back and sexier than ever!!

posted by scg325 on Apr 30, 2010