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Lil Wayne - Prom Queen

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Tags : Lil Wayne
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lil wayne is so sexy and i love this video i could listen to it every day all day

posted by velvet rose on Jun 04, 2010

a super good song I found it good the video I think I found it amazing that this is the story of the lil wayne and continue so that the ba pa Lante well

posted by oscar yig on Apr 14, 2010

this video go hard as fuck

posted by younggunz500 on Oct 19, 2009

this is cool

posted by damn on Oct 07, 2009

wow!this video is awesome,i love it like crazy.

posted by cy short on Jun 19, 2009

hell hell hell yea this is cool

posted by lil wayne on May 25, 2009

it is cool ass hell yea

posted by lil wayne on May 25, 2009

excellent !!!!! he's always bagged my five stars!!!!!!!!!

posted by rjdj on May 23, 2009

it nice paapappa

posted by calvin on May 14, 2009


posted by RAIDERS SNOWBALL on Apr 23, 2009

its da shit

posted by mississippi on Apr 09, 2009

love it

posted by lilmama on Apr 06, 2009

thats the mofo im talkin bout

posted by kickk ass on Mar 05, 2009