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Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Feat. Static Major)

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posted by ViCky on Jan 20, 2015

Mehn I luv ur ways, ur lifestyle n mostly d way u rap. Ur lyrics are incredible n ur voice makes me go crazy...

posted by Inkorrupt Omachi on Sep 26, 2012

i love it

posted by jake on May 10, 2011

whoa nothing like this

posted by jake on May 10, 2011


posted by angkres on Apr 16, 2011

greatest rppr on planet........awesome one!!!

posted by somil on Jan 15, 2011

1 of d bst rppr wth d bst video

posted by nash on Nov 16, 2010


posted by 3gp on Oct 10, 2010

very nice video....

posted by lollipop on Sep 23, 2010

O Melhor De Lil' Wayne !!!!!!

posted by Wayuky on Sep 11, 2010

1 of d bst sng evr featurd by wayne.Lil Wayne is d bst rapper on d Earth n d bst sng evr sung is by Lil Wayne

posted by jjojo wayne on Jul 23, 2010

Best Song

posted by cool on Jun 26, 2010


posted by ashu on May 18, 2010

"Weezy hot like his voice"

posted by prassii on May 09, 2010


posted by naif on May 04, 2010

it is an awsome song o lil wayne i had ever listen

posted by naif a big fan of li on Apr 28, 2010

lil wayne ur awsome man

posted by awesome dude on Apr 06, 2010

AWESOME vid rip staic major

posted by tvman on Mar 29, 2010


posted by nobody on Feb 14, 2010

je suis un fan de tw lil wayne

posted by marc on Feb 06, 2010


posted by the best one on Dec 18, 2009

this video is very beautiful

posted by wow on Dec 16, 2009


posted by AYXAN on Nov 30, 2009


posted by RICHARD on Nov 09, 2009


posted by LUCY on Oct 26, 2009

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuck gooddddddddddddddddddddd

posted by ghj on Aug 06, 2009

Lil wayne king!!!!!!

posted by lolo on Jun 24, 2009


posted by lil wayne on Jun 24, 2009

love the song if someone love xzibit to then check out my vids on outube my name is OZC96

posted by lil wayne fan on Apr 29, 2009

ITZ AWESUM............

posted by KARYN......... on Mar 04, 2009


posted by GGGXXXXXGGG on Feb 01, 2009

very mice

posted by raghu on Jan 09, 2009

sulute 2 static major this is the greatest song ever i give u props ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ

posted by swaggerqueen on Dec 24, 2008

M.O.B tha wat up wezzy 3baby

posted by chicken on Dec 19, 2008

M.O.B tha wat up wezzy 3baby

posted by chicken on Dec 19, 2008

i love how all your songs are 100% true n your not afraid to say it all.i like dudes that speak the truth n say whats on their mind

posted by n on Dec 04, 2008

i like your song

posted by shadare on Nov 07, 2008

********** This video is worth ten stars!What happened to da lollipop?

posted by SNoopy on Oct 10, 2008

my favourite.

posted by rohan on Oct 02, 2008


posted by rohan on Oct 02, 2008

This song is TIGHT!

posted by Re: on Sep 16, 2008

lil waynes awesome

posted by babybri on Sep 12, 2008

omg, i luv this song n i luv the video n i luv lil wayne!!! hes the best fuckin rapper out there so haters fuck off

posted by ally on Sep 01, 2008

i want this video

posted by mouctar on Aug 30, 2008

ya lil wheezy is da best in all rest in all respect.

posted by suwaid on Aug 26, 2008


posted by WICHI on Aug 09, 2008

mast song in this last 2 week

posted by dipanshu singh on Aug 07, 2008

what it is wanye

posted by jordan wanye bro on Aug 07, 2008

this video is great sending a shot out from geo saying its cool.

posted by geovane on Jul 23, 2008

i like this song and it is cool

posted by mimi on Jul 23, 2008

i like lollipop

posted by jojo on Jul 21, 2008

I love lollipop!!!!!!!

posted by lolipop on Jul 17, 2008

jodeci i totally agree with you the vid is tyt

posted by lady j on Jul 16, 2008

i love this video

posted by jodeci on Jul 15, 2008


posted by WEZZYZ\'S WIFEY on Jul 14, 2008

ohdaus lilwayne is one top hot singer his new song lollipop is nyc n sexi he a gud singa al da way plus ur very fitt wiwooooo cary on wid ur gud music palease xxxxluff yew ldzzzz trust meh xxxx a do

posted by xsalx on Jul 11, 2008

dis ti god

posted by ghfthh on Jul 10, 2008

I would let him lick my sweet lollipop! yeaaaaaaah

posted by forbidden 1973 on Jul 09, 2008

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posted by akon on Jul 05, 2008

its hot hot hot

posted by chick blingin on Jul 05, 2008

lets admit wayne is the bomb diggy dy

posted by lady j on Jul 05, 2008

son i can dig the songs eh

posted by bigsmoke on Jul 04, 2008

boy i would lick his lolly pop

posted by bigbooty on Jul 01, 2008

i would but this pimp got a girl

posted by LIL Wayne on Jun 27, 2008

call me so i can lick u like a lollipop.

posted by keke on Jun 27, 2008

wass up

posted by WTFWhiteBoy on Jun 27, 2008

how yall like my song

posted by LiL Wayne on Jun 27, 2008


posted by CHEYENNE on Jun 27, 2008


posted by BiTcH FuCkEr191 on Jun 26, 2008

I Love This SONG !!! LIL Wayne you are AWESOME!!!!

posted by honeybee8 on Jun 25, 2008

dame dis is the song man i like dis song so much i love it forever!

posted by me and my nigga on Jun 25, 2008

this is the song

posted by weewee on Jun 25, 2008

i wish i could fuck lil wanye

posted by bri on Jun 25, 2008

dame baby u should come down to fulton mo

posted by hottie314 on Jun 24, 2008

Me and my baby LOve this song it gud:)

posted by me and my HUBBY on Jun 23, 2008


posted by Tobekk on Jun 17, 2008

music mein handy

posted by berkan on Jun 16, 2008