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Lil Wayne - Every Girl (Feat. Young Money)

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i love that video. and i love you lil wayne more.sexy azz

posted by lil wayne on Feb 02, 2010

the best video ever

posted by ever girl in the wor on Jan 26, 2010

Red c wuz up

posted by prettygril13 on Jan 14, 2010

Joe u can fuck me

posted by prettygril13 on Jan 14, 2010

Damn! That song's good!

posted by Fuck on Dec 25, 2009

dis shit is lame i lke bedrock the most.. u hve sum to say bitchzzzzzzzzzzzz thn hit ur gurl up on my phne.

posted by yunng mney on Dec 14, 2009

I love that song

posted by malika that goon on Dec 12, 2009


posted by nisha on Oct 31, 2009

Seems like he gets better every day 4 real

posted by Sabs on Sep 25, 2009


posted by Weezy F. on Aug 08, 2009


posted by timo on Jul 24, 2009

i luv dis song and the way he dances he iz so sexy

posted by sierra. bates@yahoo. on Jul 24, 2009

lil weezy ft. red.c da best since da best fuck wit ya boy 6627059379

posted by red c on Jul 10, 2009

Owww ! ma son weeeezy isss a BEAST on thaa beat yo! youu iss thaa DOPEST niqqqa ever i love youu muchoo & i love yah sonqsz :)

posted by i love weezy * on Jul 02, 2009

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lil wayne you the best i fuckin love yo jam

posted by Dayc Lemoons on Jun 18, 2009


posted by WeeziEST on Jun 15, 2009

^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

posted by jOe on May 19, 2009

theres miley cyrus in song fuck in about 3 yrs holla at me miley cyrus so beautifu fuh fuh puhh ssssyyyy

posted by jOe on May 19, 2009

you suck

posted by tinkerbell69@aol.com on May 13, 2009

man i luv di.sz video so mamii.fn much.! weezey we need tah make a calaboration

posted by breginae on May 04, 2009

lil wayne frikin rox this video!!

posted by lil wayne fan da 1 on May 02, 2009

Just NIce

posted by BestFan Alive on Apr 29, 2009