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FOX May Revive 'The X Factor (US)'

November 24, 2014 02:11:10

may be headed for the States to scout new talent again. Rumor has been floating around the web that FOX is interested in bringing back "" for a new installment in 2015.

According to British tabloid Mirror, Cowell will quit the British version of the reality series for the second time to relaunch the U.S. version. Words are, the talks are in final stage after "staff have put together a new proposal which has been very well received."


Simon Cowell Thinks Canceled 'X Factor (US)' May Return

October 14, 2014 02:10:01

hasn't given up on "" which was canceled earlier this year after three seasons. In an interview with FT Weekend, the music mogul talked about his and FOX's decision to end the show and said he believed the singing competition still could return stateside.

"I think it will come back again," he said. He then admitted he made a huge mistake when predicting how popular the show would be before it even aired in the U.S. "I stupidly said at the beginning, 'We're going to get 20 million people.' I didn't realize the market had changed so quickly and we got 12," he explained.


'The X Factor (US)' Gets Canceled, Simon Cowell Rejoins the U.K. Version

February 08, 2014 09:02:58

FOX is pulling the plug on "" after three seasons. The network announced the cancellation on Friday, February 7 as judge and creator decided to return to the U.K. version of the singing competition.

"I've had a fantastic time over the last 12 years, both on 'The X Factor' and ' '," Cowell said in a statement. "And apart from being lucky enough to find some amazing talent on the shows, I have always had an incredible welcome from the American public (most of the time!)."


'The X Factor (US)' Season 3 Announces Winner in Star-Studded Finale

December 20, 2013 10:12:06

"" wrapped up its third season on Thursday, December 19 with a star-studded show. As three finalists , Jeff Gutt and Carlito Olivero were awaiting the final results, the likes of , , , and took turn to entertain the crowd with musical performances.

Halfway through the show, announced that Carlito was eliminated, meaning that it's now down to Alex & Sierra and Jeff who would be the new winner of the competition. "I'm blessed, bro. I'm happy," Carlito said of finishing third. "I'm in third place, I cannot be mad!"


Simon Cowell Confirms Demi Lovato's Exit From 'The X Factor (US)'

December 19, 2013 02:12:46

is indeed leaving "". After reports emerged that the "Skyscraper" songstress would not return to the show as a judge for the fourth season, confirmed the news.

"I always knew she wasn't coming back because she's touring, so I knew that," the British music producer said on the red carpet after the Top 3 final performance show on Wednesday night, December 18. Lovato herself told reporters after the show, "In 2014, I'm going to dedicate it entirely to music, touring and making a new album."


'The X Factor' Season 3 Final Performances Recap: The Top 3 Make Grand Entrances

December 19, 2013 11:12:10

One night before "" names the winner of its third season, the final three contestants took the stage to win the hearts of voters. On Wednesday, December 18, Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt and Carlito Olivero performed three songs: their best song of the season, a celebrity duet and their winning song.

First up, they made dramatic entrances in different rides. Alex & Sierra were whisked in by helicopter, Jeff rode a motorcycle and Carlito arrived in a town car. Upon arriving, they kicked off the night with a group performance of "We Will Rock You".


Demi Lovato Planning to Quit 'The X Factor'

December 19, 2013 06:12:29

There's a word going around that is on the verge of leaving her judging seat on "". Planning to focus on her music, the 21-year-old singer is due to embark on her first arena tour next year.

"She plans to spend next year completely focused on her music," a source told People. Lovato, who has joined the competition show since 2012, has enjoyed her stint but the show's demanding schedule conflicted with her plans for 2014.


Simon Cowell Wants Miley Cyrus to Be 'X Factor (US)' Judge

December 18, 2013 04:12:20

wants for "". The British music mogul reveals to Mashable that the twerking queen is in his dream team of judges for the singing competition series, saying, "I recently met Miley Cyrus, and I really liked her. She has an opinion for sure."

In addition to the young performer who "would be really fun to watch," Cowell gives the other two spots in his dream team to fellow former "" judges and . "I would pick Paula and Randy from American Idol - they were my favorite judges because we had an incredible time together," he admits. "It was never planned to be what it became, and it was really special."


'The X Factor (US)' Unveils Top 3 for Season 3 Finals

December 13, 2013 10:12:06

The competition is also a nearing the end on "". After "" announced its Top 3 earlier this week, it was the rival show's turn to reveal who would compete for the winner title of its season 3 on Thursday, December 12.

After a performance by the Top 4 who covered 's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)", Carlito Olivero from the Boys group mentored by was the first to be announced safe. It was quite unexpected since Carlito landed in the bottom two last week and was in jeopardy twice this season.


'The X Factor' Reveals Top 6, Paulina Rubio Flubs Contestant's Name

November 29, 2013 10:11:00

There's no a day off for "" judges and contestants on Thanksgiving as they returned for a results show on Thursday, November 28. In the latest episode, they trimmed down the number of contestants to 6.

Lillie McCloud was sent packing right away based on viewers' votes following her performance of "Summertime", which wasn't so special, on Monday night. Rion Paige and Josh Levi then faced off in the final showdown.


Cheryl Cole Settles Legal Dispute With 'X Factor (US)' Producers

November 29, 2013 08:11:12

has settled a legal dispute with "" producers Blue Orbit Productions out of court. The actress, who sued the producers following her firing in 2011, reportedly gets a huge payout of £1.4 million.

"Cheryl's dispute with Blue Orbit has been resolved amicably," a spokesman for the singer/songwriter/dancer tells BBC. Details of the settlement, including the actual amount that the producers will pay her, are not disclosed.


'X Factor' Delays Elimination After Voting Snafu

November 08, 2013 04:11:18

"" isn't the only reality show which experienced a technical glitch this season. "" was forced to discard the votes cast by viewers following the Top 13's performances on Wednesday, November 6 since the show displayed wrong phone numbers for several contestants that night.

On the positive side, the remaining contestants were given a second chance to show their best as they performed again on Thursday night, singing their prepared "Save Me" songs. No one's eliminated this week since the results of the re-voting will only been revealed on next Wednesday.


'X Factor (US)' Reveals Top 12 of Season 3

October 30, 2013 03:10:16

It's now down to 12 on "" season 3. On the first live show of the season aired on Tuesday, October 29, each judge picked one from their respective group to eliminate, leaving three acts in each category.

Danie Geimer, who delivered her own version of ' "Wrecking Ball", got the boot in Girls group mentored by . In Boys group, chose to eliminate Josh Levi, whose performance of "Only Girl in the World", was deemed to dancey and distracting from his vocals by the judges.


'The X Factor (US)' Reveals Top 40 and Judges' Categories for Season 3

September 27, 2013 04:09:26

"" judges narrowed down the contestants to 40 as they picked 10 contestants for each group in a Thursday, September 26 episode. Before that, some singing hopefuls showed up on stage for a chance to land a spot on the show during the last part of auditions.

Neal Macomber stroked 's hair while singing ' "Everybody Talks". said, "It was like something out of a lunatic asylum," and compared the performance to horror movie "". He added, "You're the slasher that sings while they slash."


'The X Factor (US)' Judges Take on Rejected Contestants' Original Song

September 26, 2013 04:09:12

Second Hand High may have their dream to win a recording contract crushed when they got rejected during "" audition, but they still have something to be proud of. Following the Wednesday, September 25 episode which featured the -like rap duo, the show's judges debuted a music video for their own version of the rejected contestants' original song "You Better Ask Me to Dance".

does some booty shaking moves, sways her body, while straight-faced lip-syncs the chorus, "You better ask me to dance," in the video. even delivers the rap verses with two pretty girls next to him, but the short clip ends as Demi wakes Simon up from his nap.


'The X Factor' Season 3 Premiere Recap: A Grandma Gets Demi Lovato Moved

September 12, 2013 11:09:19

"" kicked off its third season on Wednesday, September 11 and already some contestants emerged as frontrunners. But first of all, the judging panel deserved a spotlight with the return of and , who are joined by new additions and this season.

"This year, I would say I'm back in control," expectant father Simon claimed, while Demi shared, "What I'm looking for is somebody who has that sparkle behind their eyes." Paulina added, "I'm just looking for something unique, I'm looking for a superstar," as Kelly would like to find "passionate" contestants.


'The X Factor (US)' Season 3 Promo: Expect the Unexpected

July 25, 2013 11:07:05

A new promo video for "" season 3 has been unleashed, promising some shocking moments. In the trailer set to and Ryan Lewis' "Can't Hold Us", and new judges and bust a move to the hit song.

The three female judges and later tell viewers to "expect the unexpected." Host is also featured showing his cool boxing punches before the fivesome stands together side by side.


'The X Factor' Season 3 Promos: 'Britney Spears' on Stage and Different Demi Lovato

July 17, 2013 03:07:16

FOX teases viewers of the upcoming season of "" with some new trailers. In one of the video, makes a reference to last season's judge when he comments on a singing hopeful's awful performance of her hit "...Baby One More Time".

The other video highlights the new judging panel, which includes returning , and in addition to Simon. The British music producer calls Kelly "a total professional" and says, "I think everyone is going to understand Paulina."


'The X Factor' Sneak Peek Teases Simon Cowell Singing During Denver Auditions

July 04, 2013 03:07:42

has been judging singing talents for so many years but how he fares when he sings has just been known during a taping of "" season 3. On what the show's creator called the worst day of auditions in Denver, he's urged by the other judges to show his vocal chops when a contestant sang like he had a British accent.

"You would sound like what Simon sounds like when he'd sing," started it out with her comment, leading to ask Simon to give them a sample. Initially reluctant, Simon was apparently convinced to sing a bit of "Fools Rush In" but that one interesting part is cut in the sneak-peek video and will only be seen when the show broadcasts on FOX.


Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio Make 'X Factor (US)' Debut

May 22, 2013 08:05:26

Just a day after announcing its full judge line-up, "" has begun the filming of season 3 with the judges. On Tuesday, May 21, , , and made their debut as a team during the auditions in Charleston.

The three female judges arrived on the stage earlier and greeted the audience. "3 beautiful ladies, and @SimonCowell is the one who's taking the longest to get ready!" a tweet posted on "X Factor" official Twitter read. Later, when Simon finally joined his fellow judges on the panel, the crowd shouted, "Thanks for coming, Simon!"


LeAnn Rimes Up for 'X Factor' Judging Gig

February 25, 2012 10:02:04

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