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Charlie Sheen Calls 'Two and a Half Men' Series Finale 'Stupid'

March 11, 2015 11:03:06

isn't pleased with the "" series finale. The actor blasts his former boss and series creator Chuck Lorre when asked about the CBS sitcom's last episode, in which his character Charlie Harper was crushed by a piano.

"I don't care," he initially says, before telling TMZ, "To go that long, with that immature and that completely unevolved and that stupid, in my face, really? You must feel safe, motherf***er. I'm just saying, you must feel safe where you live."


'Two and a Half Men' Creator Reveals Initial Idea for Charlie Sheen's Return in Series Finale

February 20, 2015 03:02:54

"" series finale was set as a tribute to , but the actor didn't appear in person in the one-hour episode. In the show's final vanity card, series creator Chuck Lorre explained Sheen's absence from the series finale.

"I know a lot of you might be disappointed that you didn't get to see Charlie Sheen in tonight's finale. For the record, he was offered a role," so he wrote. "Our idea was to have him walk up to the front door in the last scene, ring the doorbell, then turn, look directly into the camera and go off on a maniacal rant about the dangers of drug abuse. He would then explain that these dangers only apply to average people. That he was far from average. He was a ninja warrior from Mars. He was invincible."


'Two and a Half Men' Finale Brings Back Charlie Sheen in Spirit, Features A-List Cameos

February 20, 2015 11:02:49

"" has finally provided an answer to long-running speculation about whether or not would return for its last episode. The one-hour series finale indeed paid tribute to the actor, but he was never seen in person in the show's swan song.

The episode aptly titled "Of Course He's Dead" [SPOILER ALERT!] saw Walden Schmidt () and Alan Harper () learning that Sheen's character Charlie Harper was alive all this time and he was hidden by his crazy wife Rose () in a basement. He eventually escaped and set out for his revenge on Walden, Alan and others closest to him for moving on without him.


Ashton Kutcher Plays Coy on Charlie Sheen's Alleged Return to 'Two and a Half Men'

December 13, 2014 08:12:06

may have fueled speculation that will return to "" for the series finale. Appearing on "" Friday, December 12, he teased that he knew the show's ending though he hadn't filmed it yet.

"Does Charlie come back?" asked. Ashton lost for words, his mouth gaped open and he shook his head in silence before saying, "If you're working on the Warner Bros. lot, if there's sirens, come save me."


Charlie Sheen on Rumored Return to 'Two and a Half Men': 'I Would Definitely Do It'

October 31, 2014 09:10:37

is indeed hoping to have a chance to return to "" before the show ends. The actor previously revealed that he had approached his former show's producers with an idea to appear on the show's finale and now once again expressed his desire to make a comeback to give it a closure.

Asked by "Extra" if he would consider returning to the long-running series, the "" star replied, "I would definitely do it, yeah, yeah. If they'll still have me, I will be there. Yeah, I owe it some measure of closure. I owe it to the fans... I just think it makes sense."


Charlie Sheen Making Approach to Return on 'Two and a Half Men' Finale

September 23, 2014 09:09:05

and "" are on the verge of making a new pact. The actor revealed that he had approached his former show's producers with an idea to appear on the show's finale as a treat to fans.

"I've reached out to them and they've reached back," Sheen told TV Guide Magazine. "We're trying to figure out what makes the most sense. If they figure it out like I've presented it to them and they want to include me in some final send-off, I'm available and I'm showing up early. If not, it's on them."


'Two and a Half Men' Plans Fake Gay Wedding, GLAAD Reacts

July 18, 2014 10:07:33

"" plans a gay wedding, but there's a twist. CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler revealed that in the upcoming 12th season of the comedy series, Walden () and Alan () would fake a gay relationship as part of Walden's attempt to adopt a child.

"Walden is going to have a major health scare and it is going to give him a little bit of an existential crisis," Tassler told reporters at the TCA summer press tour after her executive session. "He wants to find a way to add more meaning to his life, so he decides he wants to adopt a child. In doing so, he starts the process and he realizes that it's very difficult, to adopt a child as a single, straight man. So, once and for all, he decides, 'I'm going to propose to Alan, we're going to get married and adopt a child as a gay couple.' "


Charlie Sheen Would Love to Return for 'Two and a Half Men' Series Finale

May 23, 2014 11:05:07

wants to return to "" to help send off the show. Asked for comment about the show's cancellation, the actor says, "I hope they invite me into the final episode."

The "" star was fired from the CBS sitcom in 2011 following his public insults toward producer Chuck Lorre. Sheen had several times slammed his replacement , but this time he refused to comment when a reporter said that "Ashton is pretty boring." He simply responded, "He's on the best job he could."


'Two and a Half Men' to End After Upcoming Season 12

May 14, 2014 11:05:20

"" is announcing its series finale. The long-running show will take a bow with the upcoming 12th season, CBS announces. The creator, Chuck Lorre, "will be creating a season-long event to send it off," said Nina Tassler, the network's chief.

"Chuck is very psyched about this," she told reporters at a news conference in New York. "He's got some great ideas and very big surprises."


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Poke Fun at Celebrity Love Life in 'Two and a Half Men' Clip

April 07, 2014 01:04:45

After teased in some pictures, and ' on-screen reunion is previewed in a new "" clip. The two talk while having some Chinese food, poking fun at their off-screen relationship.

"I bet you only date hot actresses," Kunis' Vivian asks Kutcher's Walden. "God no, I'd never date an actress. They're all crazy," he responds. "I don't get this whole fascination with celebrities, anyway," she continues. "Who cares who's dating whom or who's engaged to who or who has a sex tape that no one will ever, ever see?"


Photos: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's On-Screen Reunion on 'Two and a Half Men'

March 25, 2014 01:03:36

After it was announced that would guest star on 's "", the first look at their on-screen reunion is shared in form of photos. In one of the newly-released pictures, the "" beauty is seen rocking a sexy white lingerie while sharing screen with her real-life lover Kutcher.

Other photos show the twosome going camping outdoor. Kutcher's Walden apparently spills ashes from an urn in another image, while 's Alan strips down to his briefs and almost stumbles seemingly trying to catch something in another picture.


Angus T. Jones on 'Two and a Half Men' Exit: I Insulted Chuck Lorre's 'Baby'

March 18, 2014 01:03:57

has spoken up about his "" departure. In an interview with KHOU news station in Houston, Texas, the 20-year-old actor who now sports full beard revealed why he decided to quit the CBS sitcom.

"It was making light of topics in our world that are really problems for a lot of people," he said of the long-running comedy series. "And I was a paid hypocrite because I wasn't OK with it, but I was still doing it."


CBS Renews 'Two and a Half Men', 'The Good Wife' and 16 Others

March 14, 2014 08:03:33

CBS has announced renewals for 18 series, including comedies "", "", "" as well as freshmen "" and "". They join top-rated sitcom "" which was previously renewed through season 10.

On the drama side, Emmy-winning series "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" and "" will return for one new season each. Reality shows "" and "", as well as newsmagazines "60 Minutes" and "48 Hours" also score renewals.


Mila Kunis to Guest Star on Ashton Kutcher's 'Two and a Half Men'

March 05, 2014 08:03:29

will share screen with fiance on "". CBS has announced that the "" star is tapped to guest star on the long-running comedy series for an episode airing later this season.

Kunis will play Vivian, a young, beautiful, free-spirited world traveler who shows up on Walden's (Kutcher) doorstep. Walden feels an instant connection with her, convinced she's "the one." The problem is, Walden was about to propose to someone else.


Charlie Sheen Tells Ashton Kutcher to Quit 'Barfing' on 'Two and a Half Men'

January 08, 2014 10:01:53

Just when everyone thought had moved one following his "" firing drama, he's insulting his successor again. The former Charlie Harper depicter recently took to Twitter to reach out to his former co-star , but it was followed with a not-so-kind word for , who has replaced Sheen on the sitcom.

"hey Jon!!! u r a GENIUS!!! I effin love and MISS YOU old pal! Q; who's your lame side-kik? c #NiceTryCanonBoy #CH," he tweeted on Sunday, January 5. The 48-year-old actor seemingly referred to Kutcher's camera add, but the "" star did commercials for Nikon, not Canon.


Roseanne Barr Accuses 'Two and a Half Men' of Stealing Her Joke

October 05, 2013 01:10:16

Roseanne Barr has accused "" writers of stealing her joke. The 60-year-old actress/comedienne took to Twitter on Friday, October 4 to slam lead actor and series creator Chuck Lorre for using the line which she claimed was from her 2006 HBO standup special, which falls under copyright laws.

"friends told me that ashton kuchner is stealing my jokes without any sense of being conscious of being a f**king thief. #chucklorre," she revealed how she got alerted of the alleged steal. "HOLLYWOOD TV 'WRITERS' r actually just souless thieves of comics' intellectual property. #f**kashtonKuchner #f**kChuck #f**kthieves," she added in another post.


'Two and a Half Men' Promotes Amber Tamblyn to Series Regular

October 03, 2013 10:10:53

has booked her permanent residency on "". The actress, who joins the show in the recurring role of the late Charlie Harper's illegitimate, lesbian daughter Jenny, has been promoted to series regular after appearing in just one episode.

Jenny is described as a "sexy" and "gorgeous" 21-year-old girl who "likes everything her dad liked, including women" and "uses her hotness when she needs to." She moves from New York to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and connect with remaining family members and has moved in with Walden () and her uncle Alan ().


'Two and a Half Men' Casts Amber Tamblyn as Charlie's Lesbian Daughter

August 08, 2013 01:08:48

"" has found Charlie's long-lost daughter. The show casts , who played Martha M. Masters on "", in the recurring role of the late Charlie Harper's illegitimate, lesbian daughter, Jenny.

Described as being "sexy" and "gorgeous," the 21-year-old girl "likes everything her dad liked, including women" and she "uses her hotness when she needs to." She moves from New York to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and connect with remaining family members.


'Two and a Half Men' Adds Gay Character in Season 11

July 11, 2013 11:07:52

"" will introduce a gay character when it returns with its new installment. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the new character, Charlie Harper's long-lost daughter Jenny, is 21 years old, "sexy," "gorgeous" and gay. TVLine adds that she "likes everything her dad liked, including women," and she "uses her hotness when she needs to."

Charlie's illegitimate daughter, who is yet to be cast, will reportedly show up on Walden's home in the season premiere looking for her father as she has relocated from New York to Los Angeles. She'll end up moving in with Walden and her uncle Alan.


'Two and a Half Men' to Find Charlie Harper's Long-Lost Daughter

May 30, 2013 09:05:13

It will be "" plus one girl when the show returns for its 11th season this fall. Deadline reports that the CBS sitcom will add a female series regular to the next installment, joining 's Walden Schmidt and 's Alan Harper.

The new girl is none other than Charlie Harper []'s long-lost daughter. According to the site, the girl, who is in her late teens or early 20s, will show up on Walden's home, looking for her father. She'll end up moving in with Walden and her uncle Alan.


'Two and a Half Men' Renewed Up to 2021

November 18, 2010 10:11:04

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