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'Sons of Anarchy' Spin-Off Focusing on Mayans in the Works at FX

August 27, 2015 03:08:25

Kurt Sutter is not done exploring the Northern California motorcycle club scene as depicted on his show "" that ended last fall. The Hollywood Reporter learns that the series creator is now developing a side story that focuses on Mayans, the biker gang led by president Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera).

On the original show, The Mayans ran heroine factories and were involved in prostitution. They started as adversary for SAMCRO which was previously led by 's Jax Teller, but the two groups soon worked together both as business partners and partners in crime.


'Sons of Anarchy' Prequel May Come in a Couple Years or Later

August 08, 2015 12:08:28

A proposed "" prequel may not arrive that soon as people expected, but it doesn't mean that it won't be happening. Series creator Kurt Sutter assures fans that talks about the possible new show are still ongoing, although he won't do it until at least two years after "Sons" ended.

"It's something that we have talked about," he tells E! News. "It's something that we have interest in. We are interested. I think the timing of it really depends on what unfolds." He adds that now he chose to focus on his new series for FX, "", saying, "I think for me, and the network, it's taking the next obvious and right choice and ['The Bastard Executioner'] is the energy we're moving in now."


PTC Brands 'Sons of Anarchy' the Worst Show From Morality Standpoint

December 26, 2014 02:12:00

The Parents Television Council has been keeping an eye on television programmings throughout the year and often made comments on their contents. Nearing the end of the year, the group gave an overall review of some TV shows that they deem inappropriate for kids.

"Certainly the word 'morality' is present with what we do, but we base most of our work on what science says is harmful to kids, and what is certainly offensive to a lot of families," PTC president Tim Winter told EW about the worst shows on television from a morality standpoint. "We're very concerned about ''. It's a show that's very dark, very graphically explicit. When you go over to the cable side, a show like ''...At least it's rated appropriately as TV-MA."


'Sons of Anarchy' Bosses Explain Tragic Ending

December 11, 2014 10:12:04

As fans are coming to terms with "" tragic ending, the show's bosses explain why such horrible thing had to happen. While it was pretty clear that 's Jax Teller could not escape his sins, [SPOILER ALERT!] it was the least expected thing that he died by his own hand.

Appearing on "Anarchy Afterword" after the series finale, series creator Kurt Sutter said Jax's death was something he had planned all along. Hunnam revealed they "had talked about there being various potential versions of the ending," but in the end Sutter wanted it to mirror what happened to Jax's father John Teller.


'Sons of Anarchy' Series Finale: Jax's One Last Ride

December 10, 2014 02:12:29

After all the bad deeds he did throughout the emotional and violent season 7, it seemed Jax Teller's fate was already sealed. In the "" series finale aired on Tuesday, December 9, fans finally got the answer to the big question of whether or not he survives.

As the episode's title suggested, the series finale saw Jax pondering on his father's legacy, SAMCRO, which had gone far away from his father's desire to turn it into a legitimate business as it fell into the darkness along with Jax himself.


Kurt Sutter Apologizes After 'Sons of Anarchy' Ending Is Spoiled

December 06, 2014 08:12:36

"" loyal fans who have been tuning into the show for seven years may be upset that the ending is leaked before the series finale next week. It's all due to the early arrival of a companion book called "Sons of Anarchy: The Official Collector's Edition", which was supposed to be available only after the final episode airs.

The book was shipped out by distributors to book outlets and fans earlier than expected, revealing who lives and who dies at the end of the story. A spokesman for Time Home Entertainment Inc., the book's publisher, explains to Variety, "As the publisher, we have a very strict embargo in place for the on-sale date of Wednesday, December 10, 2014. We have learned that a wholesaler has broken the embargo and released a limited quantity of books in advance of the on-sale date. While extremely disappointed, we are very proud of the book, which is a wonderful tribute to the show."


'Sons of Anarchy' Series Finale Preview: The Bad Guys Lost

December 03, 2014 02:12:41

There's only one episode left in "" as the show is set to wrap up next week. A preview for the series finale has been released, but it doesn't reveal much. It shows Jax paying a visit to his late father John Thomas Teller's gravesite.

It appears that Jax will pay tribute to his father's legacy as synopsis for the episode reads, "Jax strives to follow in his father's footsteps." It also sees Jax recalling a conversation with his mother Gemma about what his father wanted for the club.


PTC Fuming at FX Over 'Sons of Anarchy' Graphic Sex Montage

November 18, 2014 01:11:21

FX takes the heat for opening last week's episode of "" with sex montage. Despite the TV-MA advisory warning before the show, the Parents Television Council slams the network, making the last Tuesday episode an issue that basic cable subscribers should be given a freedom to choose which channels they want to pay for.

The collection of steamy scenes featuring a number of "SOA" characters including 's Jax Teller in bedroom romps is blasted by the watchdog group as "the most sexually explicit content we've ever seen on basic cable, content normally found on premium subscription networks like HBO or Showtime."


'Sons of Anarchy' Actor on Latest Death: It's 'Freedom'

November 05, 2014 02:11:37

The number of victims in the last season of "" keeps piling up. In the latest episode aired on November 4, the show bid farewell to another original character who, ironically, was voted to most likely survive by fans of the series.

[SPOILER ALERT!] 's Bobby Munson was gunned down by August Marks. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Boone claims he didn't see it coming. "Seven years of this show, everybody got in the habit of not trying to predict anything," he says, "I think that was the way to go about life in this world. It was a shot in the gut, there's no question about that. But I recovered fairly quickly, I think. [Shouts] Free! Free at last!"


'Sons of Anarchy' 7.07 Preview: What Jax Will Do to Gemma?

October 15, 2014 04:10:44

Who will be the next victim in Jax's road to take revenge for the death of Tara? A preview for the next episode of "" hints that Jax has a plan for Gemma, asking her to come to a cabin to talk about the club business. She is left uneasy after knowing Juice got to see Jax face-to-face.

Juice himself is certainly not safe after [SPOILER ALERT!] planning to betray SAMCRO in order to get the Mayans' help to escape to Mexico. However, the sneak-peek video sees Juice saying, "I'm sorry," and Jax seemingly accepting his apology.


'Sons of Anarchy' 7.06 Preview Features Lea Michele

October 08, 2014 03:10:58

FX teases the next episode of "" in a preview video. To be expected when the show returns next week is 's debut appearance in guest-starring role as Gertie, "an empathetic truck stop waitress and single mother." She and Gemma bond over the sad story of Tara's death.

According to the official synopsis for the upcoming outing titled "Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em", Jax takes advantage of shifting alliances to protect the MC and settle a score. The episode airs Tuesday, October 14 at 10 P.M.


'Sons of Anarchy' Final Season Opens to Biggest Audience for the Show

September 11, 2014 08:09:43

"" returned with a bang. The 90-minute premiere for the seventh and final season of the FX drama series posted 6.2 million viewers at 10 P.M. on Tuesday, September 9, and a whopping 3.2 rating among adults 18-49.

That's up 5 percent from last year's 90-minute premiere which drew 5.87 million viewers and 3.94 million among adults 18-49. This also marks the biggest audience for the show, breaking the record previously set by the season 6 opener.


'Sons of Anarchy' 7.02 Preview: Charming Is Going to Be Bloody

September 10, 2014 01:09:21

The seventh and final season of "" officially kicked off on Tuesday night, September 9 with "Black Widower". After displaying brutality to punish the man he believed responsible for his wife's death in the first episode, Jax is not done with his revenge.

In the next episode of the drama series, Jax and the gang are seen being involved in a gun-toting battle with the Lin Triad members. The official synopsis reveals that SAMCRO solicits help from another Charter to get a messy job done.


'Sons of Anarchy' Cast Hasn't Come to Grips With the Show's End

September 09, 2014 03:09:27

"" cast recently celebrated the upcoming premiere of the seventh and final season of the show at a red carpet event. Speaking at the party held in Hollywood on Saturday night, September 6, star Theo Rossi said they had not come to grips with the fact that the show's over.

"We're still in the middle of it," said the Juice depicter, as the show is currently shooting episode nine. "I think in December, when it's stops airing, that's when I'll realize it's over. But there have been little things that have happened that make me realize we're near the end."


New 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Trailer: Is Jax a Bad Man?

August 28, 2014 01:08:39

What kind of a man Jax has become is one of the things previewed in a new trailer for "" season 7. Titled "Bad Place", it sees Jax telling the club members, "I already lost the man I love. I'm not gonna lose my club."

Hell bent on seeking revenge for the brutal death of his wife, Jax finds himself committing some acts of violence that leaves his son Abel asking his grandmother Gemma if his father has done bad things.


'Sons of Anarchy' to Kill Off Two Club Members in Final Season

August 21, 2014 11:08:55

"" creator Kurt Sutter teases fans with yet another tidbit from the upcoming season 7. With the promos already hinting that the Reaper is coming, fans have anticipated there would be many victims of casualty.

According to Sutter, however, people will bid farewell to only two SAMCRO members. "Two club members will be dead," he tells EW, without naming the characters he refers to. "I don't think there'll be more than that."


'Sons of Anarchy' Series Finale Date Revealed

August 20, 2014 04:08:47

The end date of "" has been set. It's revealed that the show's official behind-the-scenes companion book, "Sons of Anarchy: The Official Collector's Edition", will be published a day after the series finale. Since the Amazon lists December 3 as the book's release date, that means the show will wrap up on Tuesday, December 2.

The 208-page hardcover book will feature photographs from all seven seasons, cast interviews, and the stories of how the show was crafted. Series creator Kurt Sutter wrote a special introduction for the book.


Jax Shows No Less Violence in 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Trailer

August 07, 2014 07:08:03

The first trailer to "" season 7 has been debuted via IMDB. Jax in orange suit opens the footage, getting an advice from DA Patterson. "The desire for revenge is a part of grieving. In my world, violent desires will never become real. In yours, it's a very likely outcome," she tells him.

The trailer cuts to Jax riding his bike once again and telling his gang that he's not going to lose the club too after Tara's death. A series of violence follows including the club drawing guns on a gang and ditching bodies in a freshly dug hole. Jax tells Indian Hills charter president Jury that he doesn't have vision anymore and he launches into several more altercations involving the Chinese, the Mayans and the One-Niners.


Charlie Hunnam Explains Comic-Con Absence in Hilarious Video

July 30, 2014 01:07:16

had a special message for "" fans at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend to explain his no-show. The hilarious video has now landed online for viewing pleasure.

In the clip, Hunnam goes naked as gets a massage from co-star Mark Boone Jr. "Hello, lovely people of Comic-Con. I'm recording you this message because unfortunately I can't be with you this year," the Jax depicter begins explaining his absence. "I hate to miss Comic-Con on the final season of the show, but for the future and safety of America, my presence is required elsewhere."


Photos: Lea Michele to Guest Star on 'Sons of Anarchy' Final Season

July 29, 2014 10:07:21

is going to appear on "" before the show brings down the curtain. The actress has landed a guest-starring role in the seventh and final season of the FX series and has been spotted on the set of the drama.

Michele broke the news on Monday, July 28, tweeting, "I'll be appearing on an episode of my favorite show @SonsofAnarchy! Thank you so much @Harparbar & @sutterink #SOAFX." She additionally posted a picture with Paris Barclay, a director on "Sons of Anarchy" who has also worked with Michele on "".


'Sons of Anarchy' Renewed for Season 6

February 04, 2012 09:02:28

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October 21, 2010 10:10:50

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