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Episode 5.13 : Bonett/Linkins

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February 13, 2009





Show Period

2004 - 2010

Production Company

RDF USA, Embassy Row


The success-driven Bonett family from Florida believe the sky is the limit if you have the right attitude. On the advice of a motivational speaker, Dad Warren (43) starts each day jumping on a mini trampoline, which gets his blood pumping and puts him on the road to success with a positive attitude. Mom Prebble (48) covers the mirrors in the house with motivational messages for kids Wyndham (15) and Celia (13) to keep them thinking positive! However attitude is only half of the formula--education and hard work are essential to the Bonetts' success. Warren and Prebble lead by example and are workaholic real estate agents; Warren's phone is attached to his ear at all times, and his laptop is never out of his sight. And, since higher education is mandatory for their kids, Warren and Prebble have gone as far as to cut the kids out of the will if they don't attend college.

The LARPING Linkins from Virginia live in a world of fantasy. As a Live Action Role Player, Mom Grace (53) spends her days dressed up as an elf, gypsy or queen and roams the forest with other fanciful characters from her LARPING group. When she's not in the woods, she spends 12 hours a day on the computer frolicking in virtual fantasy worlds, while Dad George (57) runs the family cleaning business. Neither Grace nor George see a need to be strict parents, which sons Casey (19) and Randy (12) take full advantage of. With few rules and a mom who would rather create spell packets or fancy costumes, sleeping in or bringing home less than stellar grades is totally acceptable. Randy's real dream is to become more active and try football, wrestling or martial arts, but his parents have discouraged him from these intense sports in favor of LARPING.

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