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Episode 5.02 : McCaslin/Deekens

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Episode Premiere

October 10, 2008





Show Period

2004 - 2010

Production Company

RDF USA, Embassy Row

Cast and Crew


Vivian Sorenson


The McCaslin family from New York State live by the motto, "whatever it takes." Wife Sandi (43), husband Zane (37) and daughters Sarah(16 ) and Kerri (12 ) all hold benchpressing and powerlifting records. They live in an old converted school and spend most of their time together training in the gym - pushing each other on to their next big lift. Outside of the gym, life for the McCaslins is easygoing and full of practical jokes; they live in sweats and really don't care what others think because ultimately they have each other. The family invite their friends round for "Gameland" - an raucous evening of board games, joking and playful insults. The only thing Sandi would change about her family is the girls' aversion to chores.

On a quiet street in Virginia, the Deekens live a life of quiet and calm gentility. Wife Donna (57) is on a one-woman mission to bring femininity, etiquette and the ladylike art of tea parties to the girls of Virginia. She presents her tea parties in a range of personas, dressing as a princess, a Victorian lady and a fairy queen, and prepares thoroughly for each tea - counting out tiaras, testing flashing wands and personally picking up the specially decorated cakes. Husband Bill (55 ) and son Greg(18) find her obsession silly and childish, but that doesn't stop from Greg helping out behind the scenes or spending money. In the Deekens' house, the family lead separate lives, coming together for quiet meals and their sedate daily walk - where spotting a squirrel is a cause for excitement.

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