Samurai Girl

Episode 1.01 : Book of the Sword: Part 1

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 05, 2008


ABC Family


Action, Drama

Show Period

2008 - 2008

Production Company

ABC, Alloy, Samurai Girl Prod.

Cast and Crew


Bryan Spicer


Luke McMullen

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jack Yang
  • Linda Ko
  • Adam Thomas


Heaven sneaks maple glazed donuts into the compound and is startled by Hiko. Hiko tells Heaven that he is leaving to go to stay with Jake in San Francisco and gives Heaven a necklace as a birthday present. One year later, we find that Heaven's about to be wed to Teddy Yukimura. But later, Yakuza ninjas attack her wedding and her brother is killed, and her father shot. Later, she goes to a party where she sees the hostess dumping her boyfriend. The next morning, the host Cheryl finds Heaven in her closet. With Otto's help, Heaven finds Jake and find that Hiko left her a bag containing a fake passport to a Zen monastery in Indonesia. But against Hiko's wishes, she returns to The Kogo Towers Hotel. As she is trying to access her fathers files, she is discovered by the maid and takes off running with the laptop and is rescued by Jake.

Later on, Heaven calls Otto to help access the laptop without a password and is able to access surveillance videos and finds that her limo driver, Noriyuki, is being beaten up. As they are trying to find the source, the files are deleted but not before discovering that it came from a nightclub. Heaven and Jake head to the nightclub to rescue Noriyuki but are ambushed. After the ambush, they find Noriyuki as he was about to perform Seppuku. When they return to Jake's loft, Heaven gives Noriyuki a package containing money to escape. Then he tells Heaven about a legend that involves her.

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