Pretty Little Liars

Episode 3.08 : Stolen Kisses

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Episode Premiere

July 31, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2010 - Now

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television

Cast and Crew


Zetna Fuentes


Joseph Dougherty

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Mary Page Keller


The Liars work together to try and crack the password on Maya's website, but even with Emily's help, they can't figure it out. Is the website even real? Or is this another one of Mona's sick games? Spencer tracks Caleb down to get his help in cracking the password. Not surprisingly, Caleb is able to use his hacking skills to get into the site. Spencer realizes the website is no doubt real when she sees it's filled with Maya's personal photos and video footage.

Meanwhile, Aria meets Ezra's very wealthy mother for the first time. When Diane invites Aria to a benefit reception, she eagerly says yes, while Ezra is a bit more hesitant. At the benefit, Aria is surprised when Ezra's mom awkwardly confronts her about her family, revealing just how much information she truly knows about Aria. It seems Ezra's mom doesn't approve of Aria -- at all.

Wren informs Hanna that Mona is going to be transferred from Radley to another facility in New York. Hanna isn't happy at all with this news, so with Wren's encouragement, she makes a plea to the board at Radley to allow Mona to stay. They agree.

Meanwhile, Byron informs Aria that Meredith got a job at Rosewood High. Aria meets a guy who may have seen Maya the night she was killed. And Paige confesses to Emily that she was with her “that night” while Emily was drugged.

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