The Pillars of the Earth

Episode 1.02 : Master Builder

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Episode Premiere

July 23, 2010





Show Period

2010 - 2010

Production Company

Tandem Communications, MUSE Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Sergio Mimica-Gezzan


John Pielmeier

Main Cast


Tom Builder, his children, Ellen and her son Jack arrive at Kingsbridge Priory in the hope of finding work. The church is in need of repair but Prior Philip has no money and is unable to hire them. After the church burns down, Tom presents a plan for a new a new style of church with pointed arches and large windows. Philip decides to ask the King for funds and learns a hard lesson in politics after making a deal, or so he thought, with Percy Hamleigh's scheming wife. His dealings with the Hamleighs also earns him the enmity of Bishop Waleran. With Philip away from the Priory, Tom's son accuses Ellen of witchcraft and she is arrested. Valeran is most keen for the trial to begin and it's revealed she may be privy to a deeply held secret she revealed to him during confession. Meanwhile William Hamleigh, son of the new Earl of Shiring visits the castle and assaults Bartholomew daughter Aliena. She swears she will get her revenge and restore the title and property to her brother. In France, Maude prepares for battle.

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