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Episode 5.06 : Customer Survey

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Episode Premiere

November 06, 2008




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2013

Production Company

Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Stephen Merchant


Lester Lewis

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jennifer Ann Burton
  • Rich Sommer


Michael has returned from Nashua and is now telling everybody that he and Holly got engaged while on the road trip. The staff congratulate him and press him for wedding details. Feeling the pressure, Michael cops to the truth that he is not getting married.

Jim grabs Andy's mug from the kitchen and Andy tries to stop him from using it. In an attempt to prove to Jim that it is, indeed, his mug, Andy shows him the picture of himself on it. Pam listens in on the entire conversation, using the smallest Bluetooth she could find for her and Jim.

The customer survey results have come in and both Dwight and Jim did not receive stellar points. Jim is nervous because this affects his bonus, which he could use since he plans on buying his parents' old house for him and Pam. Michael sets up exercises for both men to improve their sales calls.

Andy is anxiously trying to secure details about his and Angela's wedding, but Angela isn't as willing. She reluctantly agrees to go with Andy's plan of having the wedding under a giant tent, but under some conditions as to where the wedding should be located. Andy is on a mission to meet Angela's detailed demands.

Jim and Dwight are beginning to feel paranoid about why their customer survey points were down this year. Dwight accuses of Kelly having something to do with it and Jim goes and talks to Ryan to get some information.

Pam's classmate Alex shows up at her work to invite her to drinks. Jim overhears the conversation on the Bluetooth and tells Pam that Alex is totally digging her. Alex asks Pam to not move back to Scranton and to follow her dreams in New York. Pam and Jim both begin to think about Alex's speech.

Andy finds the exact place to meet Angela's expectations for the wedding: Schrute Farms. Dwight is more than happy to go through the brochure of the types of weddings Andy and Angela could have. Angela listens to Dwight with delight.

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