The Office

Episode 3.05 : Initiation

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Episode Premiere

October 19, 2006




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2013

Production Company

Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Randall Einhorn


B.J. Novak

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Michael Schur
  • Thomas F. Evans


Dwight was very excited because he got to take Ryan on his first sales call. He couldn't wait to show Ryan how the sales are really done. Before that, the men took a little side trip to the Schrute family beet farm. Dwight thought it would be funny to leave Ryan on the farm.

Jim switched chairs with Karen behind her back, so she had his squeaky chair. She tried hopelessly to get Jim out of his chair so she could get hers back. Her plans all failed. So she decided to annoy Jim by squeaking her chair back and forth, but he retaliated by singing a very annoying song at her.

It was the day that some of the staff at Dundler-Mifflin had been waiting for: Free Pretzel Day. Michael and Stanley waited in line for their pretzels and when Phyllis tried to cut, the guys went ballistic and sent her to the back of the line. When Michael finally got his choice of a pretzel, he wanted a sweet one with all the toppings!

Ryan found Dwight inside the Schrute farmhouse. Dwight sat Ryan down, determined to teach him a few things about working in sales. Meanwhile, back at the office, Kelly was concerned that Ryan wasn't back yet. Angela lashed out when Kelly said she was worried that Ryan was out with a freak like Dwight.

Jan put Pam in charge of keeping an eye on Michael's activities at the office. So far, Michael wasn't being very productive. When Jan called to check up with Pam, Michael was passed out at his desk from all the sugar in his sweet pretzel.

Jim called the Scranton branch looking for Kevin. He didn't expect Pam to still be at work and pick up the phone. Their conversation started a bit rocky, but the two began flowing smoothly like old times. Pam was interrupted when Ryan and Dwight returned. Once they left, Pam and Jim said their goodbyes.

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