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Episode 2.18 : Take Your Daughter to Work Day

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Episode Premiere

March 16, 2006




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2013

Production Company

Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Victor Nelli Jr.


Mindy Kaling

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Spencer Daniels
  • Alec Zbornak
  • Sue Nelson
  • Kevin Carlson


Pam was looking forward to "take your daughter to work day" because she wasn't great with kids, but she was about to get married and wanted to take this opportunity to get better.

It didn't take Michael long to stick his foot in his mouth when he told Stanley's daughter, who was in the eighth grade, that she was turning into a stone cold fox. The day was also awkward for Ryan - all the kids around made Kelly beam at the thought of marrying Ryan and having babies.

Pam had a single goal for the day: Make one kid like her. She first tried with Abbey, Kevin's fiance's daughter, but she didn't have any luck. However, she jealously looked on as Abbey took to Jim like a fish to water.

Michael made a friend of his own: Sasha, the daughter of Michael's sworn enemy from HR, Toby. Meanwhile, Meredith's troublemaking son was getting on Dwight's nerves by referring to him as "Mr. Poop."

Kelly couldn't wait to point out to Stanley that Melissa was innocently flirting with Ryan. Though Ryan did nothing to encourage this, Stanley yelled at Ryan, warning him to stop "sniffing" around his child.

Michael kicked Dwight out of the conference room just as he was about to teach the kids how to make corn husk dolls. Instead, Michael took them on a sprightly tour of the office, though none of them found it particularly entertaining.

Over pizza, Michael treated the kids and the entire staff to some clips of "Fundle Bundle," a kid's show he appeared on as a child. Everyone in the room was stunned silent when little Michael Scott told a puppet that when he grew up, he wanted to be married and have 100 kids and 100 friends so "no one could say no to being my friend." When the sad realization hit Michael that he didn't hadn't achieved his childhood goals, he headed back to his office alone.

Toby came to Michael's office to drop off the toys Michael gave Sasha to play with, finding him alone and depressed. After some supportive words from Toby, Michael decided to sign up for an online dating service to help get the ball rolling on finding a wife and having kids. His username? "LittleKidLover."

Pam finally succeeded in winning over one of the kids over when she showed Meredith's son how to shred paper. The day ended with Michael and Dwight performing a children's song duet for everyone.

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