Nurse Jackie

Episode 4.04 : Slow Growing Monsters

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Episode Premiere

April 29, 2012




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

Showtime Entertainment Television

Cast and Crew


Seith Mann


Ellen Fairey

Main Cast


Jackie is blindsided when Grace reveals she knows about rehab and goes to Kevin's to make sure he knows everything before hearing it from someone else. She is shocked to find a scantily clad woman lounging on his couch when she arrives but continues with her confession. Jackie calls Charlie and asks him to meet her at an AA meeting and he shows up drunk. Jules, a belligerent young woman turns out to be terminally ill with a rare disease and connects deeply with Jackie, inside and outside of the hospital. Thor and Coop give advice to a man who fears he has broken his penis. Mike Cruz docks Jackie's pay for supplies she stole while he was giving his welcome speech. Jackie gets a 'gift' from Jules that threatens her sobriety. Kevin shows up at All Saints looking for answers. Charlie camps out on his father's boat, "CRUZ CONTROL".

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