Nurse Jackie

Episode 2.10 : Sleeping Dogs

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Episode Premiere

May 24, 2010




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

Showtime Entertainment Television

Cast and Crew


Paul Feig


Liz Brixius

Main Cast


Jackie shows Dr. O'Hara a fake MRI to get an oxy prescription. Dr. O'Hara confronts Orthopedics and finds out that Jackie faked her MRI. Mrs. Akalitus rehires Eddie as the hospital pharmacist. Mrs. Akalitus and Jackie advise the wife of a patient to divorce him so that they can avoid going bankrupt and he can qualify for Medicaid. Dr. Cooper is distraught over the end of the "Face of All Saints" campaign and offers to pay for a new round of ad space. Sam invites Dr. Cooper to hang with his friends and his girlfriend after work. On Jackie's way home, she helps a businessman having a seizure and discovers baggies of prescription pills in his jacket - he's a white collar drug dealer. Jackie steals his stash from him while they wait for EMS.

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