The New Adventures of Old Christine

Episode 4.18 : A Change in Heart/Pants

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

March 18, 2009





Show Period

2006 - 2010

Production Company

Warner Bros. TV

Cast and Crew


Andy Ackerman


Frank Pines, Lew Schneider

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Mark Daneri


Christine and the meanie moms are escorting the students on a field trip to the planetarium when Marley and Lindsay's water breaks. Christine takes them to the hospital, then tries to leave, but they insist she stay because she's their friend. The meanie moms are quite demanding, and Christine gets overwhelmed helping them so she calls Matthew. Matthew is tuxedo shopping with Richard, so he brings him to the hospital. Matthew can't handle them either, so Richard offers. Christine points out how useless he was when she was in labor, but he remembers things differently. Turns out, he's great with the meanie moms and Christine falls a little in love with Richard all over again. Richard feels the same way, but Matthew figures out a way to put an end to their renewed love.

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