NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Episode 4.11 : Driven

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

December 12, 2006





Show Period

2003 - now

Production Company

CBS, Paramount, Belisarius Prod., thinkfilm

Cast and Crew


Dennis Smith


John C. Kelley, Ric Arthur, Nell Scovell

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jennifer Lynne Wetzel
  • Sandra Hess
  • Ajay Mehta
  • Corey Stoll as Martin Quinn
  • Deidrie Henry
  • Kevin Alejandro
  • Peter Giles


When an artificial intelligence scientist is found dead in the prototype of a self-guided Humvee she had been developing, it appears she simply committed suicide. But when Abby conducts her search of the vehicle back at the NCIS lab, she inadvertently triggers a trap that pulls the safety belt tight to restrain the passenger, as exhaust is pumped in to the car. Confident now that it was a murder, the team investigates who at the A.I. lab would have the motive to kill the victim. Their main suspect is Torsten Engler, a bitter colleague who felt the victim was overshadowing his work. But, when more evidence is discovered Gibbs and the team are forced to refocus on someone closer to the victim.

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