Episode 7.01 : Mr. Monk Buys A House

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

July 18, 2008


USA Cable Network


Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2002 - 2009

Production Company

Mandeville Films, ABC, NBC, UMS

Cast and Crew


Randall Zisk


Andy Breckman, Anthony Maranville

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Ivo Nandi
  • David Castellani
  • Cameron Meyer


Monk is home, and he's complaining to Natalie about a neighbor's incessant piano playing. Monk is having a terrible time. He can't sleep, and to make matters worse, Monk can't call on the wisdom of Dr. Kroger, who recently passed away. Desperate, Monk goes to police headquarters to scrounge the files for a case, any case, to help take his mind off the annoying music.

Monk comes across the case of Joseph Moody, an elderly man who died after falling down a flight of stairs in his home. The death has been ruled an accident, but Monk decides to check it out, anyway. He goes to Moody's house and meets Moody's niece, Pamela. She explains that Moody was in the house with his nurse when he fell. But Monk is more interested in the immaculate condition of the house, which the niece intends to sell. Wanting to escape his noisy neighbor, Monk makes an impulsive decision and agrees to buy the house on the spot.

Days later, Monk has an appointment with a new therapist, a friend and colleague of Dr. Kroger's named Neven Bell. Dr. Bell is familiar with Monk's history, and is prepared for Monk's visit with wipes and Monk's favorite brand of water. Monk tells Dr. Bell about his neighbor's piano playing, and Dr. Bell makes a keen observation: the neighbor has been playing music for a long time, but it only started bothering Monk since Dr. Kroger died. Dr. Bell suspects a connection, and advises Monk against buying the new house at such a difficult and emotional time. Monk angrily denies any connection between the music and Dr. Kroger's death, and ends his relationship with Dr. Bell.

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