Episode 6.17 : There Will Be Blood...Type A

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Episode Premiere

April 02, 2010





Show Period

2005 - 2011

Production Company

Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network

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Allison and her daughters all dream of a dark haired angry girl (Jennifer) who questions them on the frivolous use of their "gifts" and kills herself. Allison is brought in to help on a case where families are being drained of blood and posed in their living rooms by a killer who threatens there's "more to come". At one of the crime scene houses Allison discovers Jennifer in closet, she's arrested before escaping. Allison realizes that Jennifer dreams these crimes through the killers eyes, then goes to the already broken-in locations to steal food. She refuses Allison's help in refining her skill, but after dreaming of a man stalking her as the next victim, she calls Allison for help. At Joe's work, Keith fires Brian and tells Burroughs that Joe is blocking his "channels" of thinking about the next big project. Already frustrated at tiptoeing around crazy Keith, Joe is flabbergasted when Burroughs asks him to give the big presentation and lie about Keith who's MIA.

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