Episode 4.04 : iSell Penny Tees

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Episode Premiere

October 02, 2010




Comedy, Family

Show Period

2007 - 2012

Production Company

Schneider's Bakery, Nickelodeon

Cast and Crew


Russ Reinsel


Matt Fleckenstein

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Ethan Munck


When Carly, Sam and Freddie's Penny Tees are a hit, they decide to go into business to make them, so when Sam decides to hire fourth graders from a bible school to make the Penny Tees, Sam and Freddie different ideas on how to treat the children. Later in the episode, Sam splits the kids up and kids with last names from N-Z go to Carly and other kids stay with Sam. Carly and Freddie's kids think that it's all about breaks and having fun, and when they only make 6 tees in 1 day, Carly and Freddie stop the business. In the end, they try to give the kids a second chance but turns out they already started their own Penny Tee business and hired writers their age. Meanwhile in the episode, Spencer dates a girl from Uzbekistan. Spencer doesn't understand what she says, since she speaks a different language, and vice versa, although he thinks they are understanding each other.

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