Doctor Who

Episode 2.01 : New Earth

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 26, 2006


BBC America



Show Period

2006 - Now

Production Company

BBC Worldwide Productions, CBC

Cast and Crew


James Hawes


Russell T. Davies

Main Cast


The Doctor takes Rose further than we've ever gone before, which turns out to be to New Earth and New New York, in the year five billion and thirty two, in the Galaxy M87. Once there, the Doctor tells Rose he has been summoned there by a psychic message he has received. Upon seeing a towering hospital in the distance, they head to it, in hopes of finding the answers there.

Little do they know that the hospital's ahead of its time cures for most all deadly diseases holds a dark secret, which puts both the Doctor and Rose in great danger. Added to this is an old foe, who seeks revenge on the Doctor - and something more. Soon, everyone on the entire planet becomes imperiled, unless the Doctor can set things right.

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