Cold Case

Episode 5.03 : Running Around

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Episode Premiere

October 07, 2007




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

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Cast and Crew


Holly Dale


Jennifer Johnson

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • James Ingersoll
  • Sean Wing
  • Christopher Shand
  • Mackenzie Mauzy


A sixteen year old Amish girl asks the detective to help her find her older sister, who left in 2006 to go on Rumspringa and never returned. The sister, Sarah, believes something must have happened to her sister Anna because her daily letters home stopped arriving. With little to go on, the detectives go through their files on bodies of "Jane Does," and realize that one of them is probably Anna. When Vera and Rush take a trip to Amish country so Anna's family can identify her, they realize Anna's best friend Rachel went with Anna. Rachel returned shortly after they left home. She explains that Anna wanted to see the ocean and explore the English world, but it wasn't meant to be. She fell in with the wrong crowd and made the wrong friends. However, it wasn't one of "the English" that killed Anna, but a former Amish boy from back home. Guilt-ridden and angry over being shunned by his own family, he blamed Anna when she wouldn't help him return to the fold.

Meanwhile, Scotty realizes that his mishandling of a recent case has put Internal Affairs on his trail. Stillman is disappointed in his behavior, to say the least, and Scotty is now paranoid that someone on the squad ratted him out. As for Lilly, she visits a therapist, Dr. Penny Davoren, for the first time. Though Dr. Davoren can sense Lilly's unease and recognizes symptoms of PTSD, Lilly has little to say.

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