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'Bones' Enlists Betty White as Guest Star for Season 11

August 28, 2015 04:08:35

"" has tapped an unlikely guest star for its upcoming season. Comedienne has been billed to appear in an episode of the procedural series' 11th season. The 93-year-old actress announced the news via her Twitter, posting a message which read, "Wanted to let you know first that I will be joining the @BONESonFOX family for an upcoming episode this fall! #Bones."

As if it's not surprising enough, the veteran actress is set to play the Jeffersonian's newest squintern, Dr. Beth Mayer. She's brought in to consult on a murder linked to fantasy football. Dr. Mayer is described as sharp as a tack, experienced and fabulous. She's an expert of anthropology and fantasy football with more than half a century of experience under her belt.


'Bones' Season 11 Enlists 'Grey's Anatomy' Alum to Find Missing Booth

August 06, 2015 03:08:33

"" has tapped to guest star in the first two episodes of its forthcoming season 11. She will play FBI Special Agent Grace Miller, who is involved in the investigation surrounding the disappearance of none other than FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth ().

In the season 10 finale, Booth and Brennan () agreed to leave their jobs in the FBI and the Jeffersonian respectively. It appears that the dramatic situation that happens to Booth will be used to bring them back to their old jobs.


'Bones' and 'Sleepy Hollow' Crossover Is Set for Halloween

August 05, 2015 08:08:36

The rumored "" and "" crossover is really happening. While there's still no official announcement from FOX, it's now revealed that the back-to-back episodes of the crossover is set to air around Halloween, on October 29 to be exact.

Details of the storyline are still kept under wraps and it's still unknown which characters who will appear in each episode. It was previously reported that showrunners had an idea that organically merges the vastly different "Bones" and "Sleepy" universes.


'Bones' Showrunner on the Big Death: It's 'Painful'

September 26, 2014 01:09:59

"" kicked off its tenth season with the most shocking way possible by killing off a main character without alerting fans beforehand. This marks the first time a regular character is killed off in the show's history.

[SPOILER ALERT!] John Francis Daley's Dr. Lance Sweets met his demise in the season opener as the actor is pursuing his writing and directing career. In the episode, Sweets was beaten to death as he tried to collect evidence in the FBI conspiracy that landed Booth in jail. Making it more tragic, earlier in the episode it was revealed that Sweets and former girlfriend Daisy rekindled their romance and are expecting a child.


'Bones' Moved Back to Monday, Renewed for Tenth Season

January 30, 2014 08:01:45

"" will return for another season. The crime drama series has scored a renewal from FOX, bringing the show to a tenth season. "10 is it," star posted an enthusiastic-sound message on his Twitter following the good news. "Bring the magic and bring the love for @BONESonFOX . #Back."

"Over the course of nine seasons, 'Bones' has grown from a hit crime procedural into a beloved pillar of our lineup that resonates with fans in a way that only the best of shows can," FOX president Kevin Reilly said in a statement. "Our viewers have embraced Emily, David and the entire cast and characters of 'Bones' as their very own, and I think they are going to love what Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have planned for Season 10!"


'Bones' Previews Booth and Brennan's Wedding in Video and Photos

October 16, 2013 02:10:12

The wedding that fans have been waiting for for years will finally be happening on next week's "". To hype up the anticipation for the upcoming episode, a sneak-peek video and pictures have been shared, giving a look at the highly-anticipated nuptials.

Brennan, donning a traditional white gown, is seen being walked down the aisle by her father, Max, with Cam as her maid of honor. Booth looks sharp in a suit and as they're about to exchange vows, Brennan stresses to the guests, "This is not one man ceremonially handing over a woman to another man as though she's property...okay?!"


David Boreanaz Shoots Down 'Bones' Exit Rumor

October 09, 2013 10:10:30

is not planning to leave "". Despite rumor saying that he would exit the show after season 9, the actor replied with an affirmative answer when asked on Twitter if he would be returning to the FOX series for season 10.

On Monday, October 7, a fan named Madison MacInnes asked him, "@David_Boreanaz will you be returning for season 10 of #Bones ?" He responded to the question it with, "yes, if we get picked up."


Freddie Prinze Jr. Lands Job With 'Bones'

July 25, 2013 02:07:24

"" will team 's real-life husband with her "Buffy" on-screen lover, . The "Scooby-Doo" actor is reported to have been cast in season 9 of the long-running crime procedural series. He's currently slated to appear in one episode, but there's a possiblity that he will recur in another episode.

The Ray Bronson of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" will be introduced in the September 16 season opener. He will star as Danny, a very covert CIA agent, who is described as being "armed and dangerous." According to TVLine which broke the casting news, Danny's "also an old associate of Booth's who has an interest in Booth and Brennan's current murder investigation."


'Bones' Finds Booth's Mother in Joanna Cassidy

March 01, 2013 03:03:10

Joanna Cassidy is going to make an appearance in the season finale of FOX's "" which will be aired on Monday, April 29. The 67-year-old actress joins the cast as FBI Special Agent Seely Booth's mother, Marianne Booth. According to TV Guide, Marianne will come back to Booth's life at inopportune time.

Marianne left her children Seely and Jared, and abusive husband 24 years ago. After Marianne left, Seely and Jared were raised by their grandfather Hank who has appeared in some episodes.


'Bones' Season 8 Premiere Promo: Blonde Brennan Reunites With Booth

August 27, 2012 08:08:19

The first footage of "" season 8 premiere episode has been made available for preview. On the run from FBI since she was framed for murder by Pelant, Brennan is going blonde in the video. Angela apparently keeps in contact with Brennan, but she won't tell Booth how they communicate.

Flynn (Reed Diamond) is still in charge of the case and he works with the Jeffersonian team who, along with Sweets, is secretly investigating the case to help Brennan. The forensic anthropologist finally reunites with Booth, after he took her down since he didn't recognize her.


'Bones' Season 8: Booth Is Furious for Being Abandoned by Brennan

July 06, 2012 04:07:07

When "" returns with its new season this fall, Booth is not happy that Brennan left him and took their child with her. Though he understands it's "the only logical thing she could do" after serial killer Christopher Pelant framed Brennan for a murder in the season 7 finale, the father of two is still "furious," so executive producer Stephen Nathan says.

"He's furious with Brennan because [he thinks], 'Wasn't there some way that she could include him? Why didn't she trust him with that information?'," Nathan explains. Still, he claims that the writer team will portray Booth as "the honorable man that he has been for seven seasons."


'Bones' Renewed for Eighth Season

March 30, 2012 12:03:12

"" is here to stay. FOX makes an early announcement of the show's eighth season pick-up on Thursday, March 29. It is officially the first order for the fall television season from the network's entertainment president, Kevin Reilly.

"Over the past seven seasons, Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan and the incredible Bones cast and crew have redefined the traditional crime procedural with an irreverent and adventurous sensibility," said Reilly. "I'm really happy to have this distinctive, fan-favorite on our schedule for another season."


'Bones' Debuts First Picture of Brennan and Booth's Baby

March 13, 2012 02:03:43

The first glimpse at Brennan and Booth's baby has been shared in a new "" picture. The photo features the couple cradling their newborn child, but the baby's face can't be seen in the image since she's shown from the backside.

The episode which will see Brennan going into labor will air Monday, April 2 at 8/7c on FOX. The forensic anthropologist is due to give birth to the baby when she and Booth are investigating a prison escape.


Brennan Goes Into Labor in Promo of 'Bones' April Return

March 06, 2012 04:03:25

A new promo from "" April return teases fans with a highly anticipated moment that will be featured in the upcoming seventh episode of season 7. The sneak-peek video opens with a montage of old footage, but still includes new scenes where Brennan is seen due to give birth.

Looking emotional, the forensic anthropologist tells Booth to pull over their car. She once again yells at her partner when the FBI Special Agent has a chat with another man and leaves her alone in the car.


Most Evil Villain on 'Bones' to Be Introduced in Winter Finale

January 10, 2012 04:01:58

The Jeffersonian team will meet the most sinister villain in "" history in the winter finale. The episode, which was pushed back from late 2011 to early this year, will introduce Andrew Leeds as Christopher Pellant, whom executive producer Stephen Nathan describes as a "genius hacktivist."

Affirming that the new baddie may be the toughest one for the team to deal with, Tamara Taylor chimed in, "This guy is, I think, more diabolical than anyone we've dealt with before." The Cam depicter additionally described Pellant as "creepy-scary," before gushing, "He's super-smart - maybe smarter than all of us combined - he leaves riddles, and he dismembers bodies and leaves the parts all over D.C."


'Bones' Midseason Finale Moved Back to January

December 06, 2011 02:12:08

"" will keep its last episode from the first half of the seventh season until early 2012. The midseason finale, which was originally planned to air December 15, is now pushed back to January 12 at 8/7c on FOX.

Titled "The Crack in the Code", the last episode produced before took a maternity leave will air as a lead-in to the show's spin-off "" which debuts the same night. An encore of "Finder" backdoor pilot, which was aired last April as an episode of "Bones", will now fill the December 15, 9/8c slot.


'Bones' 7.04 Preview: Body in Mailing Boxes

November 18, 2011 04:11:18

Another gruesome murder case is waiting for Booth and Brennan in an upcoming episode of "". They discover dismembered remains being divided into several mailing boxes, leaving Booth speechless. Still, Tamara can find a positive comment about it as saying, "It's packed very well."

The Jeffersonian team later identifies the victim as an employee of a local Ship 'n' Print, where the staff recently split the winnings of a lottery prize. As they go deeper in the investigation, Brennan guesses that paper cutter might be the killing weapon, and the team uncovers a complicated love triangle between two married employees and the victim.


'Bones' Spoilers: Brennan Will Deliver Her Baby in Unexpected Place

October 03, 2011 02:10:44

It is going to be extraordinary when Brennan gives birth to her baby on "" season 7. While the anticipated moment will not be seen until April, executive producer Stephen Nathan has spilled the beans on where the scene will be set.

[SPOILER ALERT!] "Brennan is going to be in prison when she goes into labor," Nathan shared the spoilery info to TV Guide. He went on explaining how the heroine ends up in such place during the important moment, "Booth and Brennan are investigating a prison escape when they get locked in."


Booth Worrying About Pregnant Brennan in First Clip of 'Bones' Season 7

August 29, 2011 10:08:48

A sneak peek to the first episode of "" season 7 has been debuted, showing how Booth treats Brennan now that she is having their child. Trying to be protective, Booth wants Brennan to hand over the case she is carrying but she tells him that the baby is safe.

Although Booth and Brennan are now a couple and expectant parents, executive producer Stephen Nathan has said that they "are essentially the same exact characters." He went on detailing, "They're going to disagree on everything they disagreed about before, including how to approach their lives together, religion, family and now how to approach having a child."


'Bones' Trailer for Canceled Comic-Con Panel

July 23, 2011 12:07:23

Though "" panel at San Diego Comic Con was scrapped, FOX has released a trailer which would be presented at the session. Despite its fun and light tone, the video is filled with some gross images as well as romantic moments from season 6.

The panel for the and -starring show was slated to take place on Friday, July 22 at 1:45 P.M. in Ballroom 20. Just days before the convention was kicked off, however, the session was canceled because the two leading stars would not be able to come due to personal reasons.


'Bones' 6.19 Preview: Treasure Map Hunt

April 15, 2011 01:04:29

First Look at 'Bones' Spin-Off 'Finder'

April 07, 2011 03:04:31

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September 18, 2009 09:09:56

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