Singer Farrah Franklin Hits Out at Arrest Reports

Singer Farrah Franklin Hits Out at Arrest Reports

Farrah Franklin has blasted authorities in Culver City, California for taking her into custody on Saturday, insisting she was the victim of racial profiling.

Former Destiny's Child star Farrah Franklin was reportedly arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct in the early hours of Saturday, before being released on $100 (GBP63) bail shortly afterwards.

Police officers claim they were responding to a telephone complaint accusing Farrah Franklin of disturbing the peace, but the star is adamant she did nothing wrong and has hit out at cops for allegedly mistreating her.

She tells, "Unfortunately, I am the latest victim on what seems to be a growing list of those who are racially profiled and mistreated by Culver City Police. I was manhandled by the arresting officers."

"I am really upset about all that has taken place. I have never had a run in with the law before Saturday. On Saturday I was not arrested, I was detained."

"There were no female officers on duty and I was required to take off my top and treated unfairly."



    B. Cosby
    Apr 26, 2011

    Sure, everything was fine until the police were called there. Whenever a black person gets arrested it is always racial, never their fault-right!

    trill loka
    Apr 26, 2011

    fuqk dem fuqkin pigs they should qet locked up fo dat shyt <they werent even suppose 2 check yu naked they were suppose to call a female officer or waited until dda next da fuqk dat yu should sue dem or press charges <fiqht for whats right

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