Butch Patrick 'Lucky to Be Alive' After Nearly Overdosing

November 25, 2010 05:09:01 GMT

'With the amount of alcohol and drugs that Patrick was consuming, especially having only one kidney, he is lucky to be alive,' his representative says about the near-fatal incident.

Butch Patrick
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Former child star Butch Patrick is "lucky to be alive" after almost overdosing on drugs days after walking out of a rehabilitation centre in New Jersey earlier this month. The 57 year old, who played Eddie Munster on "The Munsters", has long battled problems with cocaine, marijuana and alcohol.

He voluntarily checked into a treatment center in New Jersey to conquer his demons, but quit the program shortly afterwards and embarked on a near-fatal drink and drugs binge on November 18. His representative Jodi Ritzen tells, "(Patrick) not only continued with drugs and alcohol but started to black out and make rash decisions while under the influence, causing him to nearly overdose last Thursday evening."

Patrick's family and friends staged an intervention after the actor flew to Los Angeles, and they convinced him to enroll in a new substance abuse course to deal with his issues. The troubled star agreed, and he will now stay at the Oasis centre in Orange County, California for "a minimum of 30 days with seven days in detox", according to Ritzen.

She adds, "With the amount of alcohol and drugs that Patrick was consuming, especially having only one kidney, he is lucky to be alive."


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posted by tony on Oct 01, 2013
BTW, there was no intervention - that was another fabricated story. He's full of them.
posted by tony on Oct 01, 2013
he did get free treatment from Oasis because the center's owner was a fan of the Munsters . too bad the $25,000 treatment couldn't have gone to someone who was worthy of it and not someone who lies and cheats people.
posted by tony on Oct 01, 2013
It's been confirmed that Patrick never OD'ed or came close to it. More stories invented by him and his PR reps for sympathy and money from the tabloids.
posted by snyder on Oct 02, 2012
If Butch Patrick was not seen by a hosptial after his "near fatal" OD it probably didn't happen.
posted by tony on Oct 11, 2011
It was reported that his Munsters jacket was stolen and that set him off on his drinking binge. Is this the same jacket that HE borrowed from a prop shop in California and replaced with a fake?
posted by commonsense on Oct 09, 2011
if it was a near fatal od he would have been in a hospital. Don't think blacking out and making rash decisions qualifies as a near fatal OD.
posted by smokey on Jan 02, 2011
nearly overdosed??? I don't think so. Why do people say things that aren't true??
posted by PG173 on Dec 11, 2010
"There is a video that shows Jeff Conaway appearing to shoot Butch Patrick. It was a publicity stunt"
posted by cindyfox on Nov 28, 2010
Didn't see any reports that emergency people or a hospital were involved for this "near fatal, almost overdose".
posted by ann on Nov 27, 2010
"Butch Patrick is reporting this as a publicity stunt." not another one....
posted by Uncle Herman on Nov 27, 2010
Really...who cares?
posted by katie r. on Nov 26, 2010
interesting info Question: Since I only have one kidney, could you please be so kind to answer me these questions: Am I allowed to consummate any alcohol beverages? If so, in what amount? For example, am I allowed to drink a glass of wine once in a week? Where's the limit, concerning I have only one kidney? The most important question: are there any health problems related to kidneys that are caused by consuming alcohol (such as microscopical damages of kidney structure, etc.)? Answer There is usually no special limit to alcohol in people with only one kidney, but we usually recommend some reasonable restraint. The main problem with excessive alcohol intake is not to the kidney but to the brain (where it kills brain cells) and the liver. Use reasonable moderation and there should not be any trouble.
posted by foilman on Nov 25, 2010
I should have said, "helps" prevent them from building up to toxic levels in the body. Kidney metabolism is negligible, your mileage may vary.
posted by foilman on Nov 25, 2010
Don't know where his rep got her medical degree from but alcohol and coke are metabolized in the liver (this breaks them down to inactive components that prevent them from building up to toxic levels in the body.) Don't need ANY kidneys for that. Do need a good liver though.

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