Ted Nugent Fined for Shooting Deer for Reality Show

August 18, 2010 08:04:25 GMT

Taping a segment of 'Spirit of the Wild', the rocker pleaded to no contest when charged with illegally baiting a deer.

Ted Nugent
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Photo credit: Jeff Daly/WENN

Rocker Ted Nugent has been fined $1,750 after pleading no contest to illegally baiting deer on his hunting reality TV show. The "Cat Scratch Fever" singer, a keen hunter, was seen using a deer attractant to coax two wild animals in California - where baiting is illegal - on his show "Spirit of the Wild" in February.

He originally faced 11 charges, including killing a deer too young to be hunted. However, after a deal at a Yuba court on Friday, August 13, Nugent entered no contest pleas to two misdemeanor charges of baiting two deer and was handed the fine.

California Department of Fish and Game spokesman Patrick Foy recalled the incident, "They watched him appear to shoot a spiked buck, which is an illegal buck to take, because it's too small. And he had it right there on television, and it wasn't live, it was taped."


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posted by Skull on Feb 17, 2011
Another wild display of natural selection by Uncle Ted.....
posted by m on Sep 27, 2010
jail time are you nuts Nugent For President
posted by coondog on Aug 21, 2010
That idiot that calls himself heehaw probably don't even no how to spell hunter if he does if he does its because he looked it up in a dictionary ted killed more deer in a year than u have in lifetime the trophy is in the eye of the. Beholder but hall to stupid to no that so all hall idiots crawl back under the rock u come from AND. Go UNCLE. TED u got my support
posted by coondog on Aug 21, 2010
One more thing all these people against you ted don't even have a. Clue how to hunt they think its like going to foodlion bet they wouldn't say this to ur face rock on ted
posted by Nickeer on Aug 19, 2010
I think all of the game commision are animal activists who disrespect proper animal management. Man has been taking game since we have been put on this planet as protection and food source. Why don't u give up your big house to have those animals live and be free. I hope all of u have head on collisions with deer and leave the "wasted" meat behind. What a waste of common sense on ur behalf..... Go TED!
posted by JOHN M. POLONCHAK on Aug 18, 2010
posted by Jk on Aug 18, 2010
You people make me sick how you talk about TED NUGENT that man should be running this country and then the united states wouldn't be in the shape that its in.He is the only person that i know that is in the right fram of mind. When he talks about not haveing repeat offenders back out on the street you cant say that dosen't make sence. He would get rid of all those dirty crooks in the government.And as for you C how can you say he is a role model for serial killers. That must meen that all the pilgrims that came to america that hunted for food were really serial killers.I dont think that they were.But what i do think is that you are an idiot.TED NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT I WOULD BACK YOU 1000%.
posted by cc on Aug 18, 2010
you're a fag captain america~
posted by lotta_huntin on Aug 18, 2010
since when is baiting all that bad they call it bait but yet you can go to any hunting store and buy urine and it's perfectly legal and it's bait. And when is the last time you've went fishing and caught fish on a bare hook {you can't} what's that stuff you use on your hook it's called bait. YOU GO TED my hat is off to you.
posted by HeeHaww on Aug 18, 2010
Big and Brave Conservative Ted is no hunter. A real hunter wouldn't have to bait deer or shoot at illegal, small deer.So right that he should have known all the rules if he were a true hunter.
posted by pac on Aug 18, 2010
youre an idiot c.
posted by C. on Aug 18, 2010
He is a role model for serial killers. The fine should have been higher. In fact, he has hunted for so long that he should have known the rules by now and should probably serve jail time.

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