With Original Frontman, Van Halen to Release New Album in 2011

August 07, 2010 07:12:28 GMT

The rockers are currently working on their first studio album in more than two decades in 2011 along with original frontman David Lee Roth.

With Original Frontman, Van Halen to Release New Album in 2011
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Rockers Van Halen are back in the studio with original frontman David Lee Roth and will release their first studio album in more than two decades in 2011. The group completed its reunion tour with Roth in 2008 and many fans expected them to follow up the road success with a new record, but there was no word on any upcoming projects.

However, the band recently renewed its deal with publishers Warner/Chappell and guitarist Eddie Van Halen and his drummer brother Alex have revealed they are working on new material. They stated, "(Van Halen) is currently in the studio recording an album with Roth that is due for release in 2011."

And the band will promote the forthcoming disc by hitting the road once again, reports Billboard. The site claims the rockers' manager and Live Nation promotions executive Irving Azoff mentioned a Van Halen 2011 tour during a discussion about concert earnings on Thursday, August 5.

The group's previous studio album, "Van Halen III", was released in 1998 and featured Gary Cherone on vocals. Roth last appeared with his Van Halen pals on their best-selling 1983 release, titled "1984".


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posted by Cyclop on Feb 09, 2011
eddie and alex should just get a new singer, re name the band and start again. roth is just gonna quit or be fired again in a couple years then they will go on another reunion tour with hagar. old news. do what creed did, get a new singer and start fresh. (yes i know creed sucks big balls, just an example)
posted by steven on Nov 13, 2010
Im only thirteen but im a big fan! I have every album but I hope the new one makes itself into my cd player
posted by Ike on Oct 11, 2010
I find it very interesting that you don't hear ANYTHING about how David Lee Roth is HIV positive. If anyone wants to investigate this, look to what happened in Seattle a few years back when he was headlining a summer music festival. A nurse was hired to give him his insulin shots was NOT informed of his HIV status. She ended up nicking herself with the needle and then was told that Roth was HIV positive. That's how I found out, do to the absolute panic of the orgainzers of the festival. Think of the good it would do if someone like Roth would come forward with his status
posted by jeff troutfetter on Sep 30, 2010
i hope for a new album 2011 over do
posted by wazzup on Aug 16, 2010
I still remember hearing "Eruption" / "You Really Got Me" for the first time on the radio. Boom! Move over Hendrix.
posted by Aussie VH Fan on Aug 11, 2010
Wow. I'm excited. NOT! A Van Hagar reunion is newsworthy. This is not. DLR is a tool. Eddie has lost the plot.
posted by Bob Dildoin on Aug 10, 2010
Eddie is a weirdo - who knows if this will see the light of day or not. Also - Roth is definitely bisexual. Eddie's son should stay away from McDonalds.
posted by Matt on Aug 10, 2010
Great News! Roth is the best front man for Van Halen. Hope the project goes well..I'll be in the front row if they hit Phoenix again.
posted by me on Aug 09, 2010
Booooo. Eddie treated Michael Anthony like a DOG. Here's hoping that this thing tanks and Eddie wigs out and offends everyone once again.
posted by Eric on Aug 09, 2010
Yeah, true big egos, but the best Van Halen Ensemble.
posted by Dydan on Aug 09, 2010
Let's hope the stage is large enough to accommodate both Eddie and Dave's enormous egos!

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